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Want a fedora

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Lender, May 27, 2018.

  1. Lender

    Lender New in Town

    I am new to the Fedora Lounge, and joined because you are all very knowledgeable people and have learned a lot.
    I am looking for a light grey fedora in felt in excellent condition. Need about 2inch brim and pinched crown about 4 inches or more. Size 7 American about 22.25 inches. If anyone has a hat in their collection they are willing to sell please contact me at leemfriedman@gmail.com. Please include pics and description and price. Thank you!
  2. scottyrocks

    scottyrocks I'll Lock Up

    Isle of Langerhan, NY
    Hi and welcome.

    What you are looking for are very available on ebay.

    You can get a vintage Dobbs with pretty much those exact dimensions, color, and size, as 7 is very common. I have one, but in 7 3/8.

    A very quick search turned this up:


    And please post threads only once. You can always bump them once a day to bring them up to the top of New Posts.
  3. Lender

    Lender New in Town

    Thank you!
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