Wear on Brooks Golden Label Jacket?

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Kubatu, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. Kubatu

    Kubatu New in Town

    I've been scrounging online sites to find a motorcycle jacket secondhand, and I stumbled upon this jacket. It's a Brooks Golden Label in a typical motorcycle style. The pricing seems to be quite good, but it looked somewhat worn. I thought I would just ask here before potentially pulling the trigger.


    My worry is with places like the chest on picture #3. The right-center side of the picture just looks very wrinkled and pressed, almost like it is cracking. I'm not sure if that's what normal age would looks like on a Brooks jacket, or if its something to be more concerned about? The seller is not a professional seller, so it's also possible their photo lighting is not helping.

    I buy a lot of things secondhand, so I'm not against wear and patina on a jacket. As far as I'm concerned, it adds more character. I don't want to end up purchasing a jacket that is worn to the point of being "distressed" or in poor condition. I think I'm probably overthinking this and the wear is not that bad, but when I look at the third picture, I can't help but think the jacket appears very cheap and poor quality.
  2. JMax

    JMax My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Looks like typical wear seen on these older steerhide jackets. I like how it looks, identical to my Fidelity. Still lots of life left. Depends on what the seller is asking for it.
  3. Jägernaut

    Jägernaut Practically Family

    That leather looks healthy. I have a Brooks that has similar patina. It is highly desirable and why I bought mine. As long as leather is not drying out, it is stable and will not crack.
  4. Seb Lucas

    Seb Lucas I'll Lock Up

    Doesn't look worn to me. Nice condition - just a few years of the ususal wrinkling. With old jackets the key areas to check are the collar (esp the inside neck), the sleeve ends and shoulders. That's generally where wear shows up.
  5. Jumper

    Jumper One of the Regulars

    Looks nice. I've had a few Brooks, but none with as interesting a look in terms of wear/patina/etc. If it were me, I'd ask about the lining, but otherwise if the size & price are agreeable, it seems like a good'un.

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