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Discussion in 'Beauty' started by RainEdayWoman, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. Stray Cat

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    I had NO idea that we CAN (or should) shave our faces. I guess it beats waxing it. ;)
    From this list, I can only say that the benefits look numerous, on the side of shaving. But still, I always had an image of men being the ones shaving, and that the razor is only for for the areas below belly button. (If a lady doesn't practice shaving her head) :)

    How come no one talks about it?
    So little is known about it.. at least here where I'm sitting.
  2. C-dot

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    Toronto, Canada
    Any woman with a touch of vanity would not be likely to talk about their facial hair, or what they do to remove it lol That said, more women than you might think head to the esthetician to have their lips, sideburns, chins and full faces waxed or threaded along with their eyebrows. Having performed a number of these on many women myself, I think about 80% of those who do it, shouldn't. Like I say, once you start, it is a difficult habit to break.

    Some women, unfortunately, do have dark and/or excessive facial hair though, and the best solution is probably to thread it. It hurts a lot more, but it pulls the hair out at the root and the results feel less harsh than waxing. Some say they last longer, too.

    (As an aside, I've begun reading the C. David Heymann biography of Elizabeth Taylor, and according to him she did indeed suffer from hypertrichosis as a baby, but the condition corrected itself before she was one year of age. Apparently it happens to many babies.)
  3. Stray Cat

    Stray Cat My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Sounds scary.
    So, there are numbers of women who DO shave; they just don't discuss it..
    I'll have ask my friends; one of them is obsessed with beauty. If she (and her friends from numerous forums) don't know it.. than it has got be be an anomaly in female behavior. :)
  4. Tishkaminx

    Tishkaminx One of the Regulars

    So .....I did it.

    Did it give me a glowing complexion?
    Did it give me clearer pores?
    Did it give me a smoother base for foundation?

    No, no,no. It gave me a face full of pimples (with no initial look of bright clear skin-in fact no difference at all), then a day or two later all the skin began to dry in big patches and flake off my face- all of which did the opposite of give me a good base for foundation, and far from glowing - it looked grey and dry :( .

    Initially my face skin felt wierd- almost sticky?- then a couple of day alter as the hair grew back it srated to feel like baze on a snooker table or 'fuzzy felt' (my Fella refused to touch it!).

    My skin is only just healing from it- i can say that I don't really recomend it- sticking to a 'buff puff' from now on.
  5. Stray Cat

    Stray Cat My Mail is Forwarded Here

    That's scary! :(
    There's the possibility that you've got a nasty reaction to all that "peeling" that shaving does to skin.
  6. Tishkaminx

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    Hi Straycat

    I think it was a terrible reaction! My skin is normally very resiliant- i can use harsh scrubs and acids and i have a Clarisonic which I use with the deep pore brush head on the max setting with no probs.

    I know my skin does respond badly to damage- I get dry patches and flakies if i ever squeeze a pimple or go too hard with the extractor- so I think thats what it was. Its slowly healing now though!
  7. Gingerella72

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    Nebraska, USA
    I have lots of peach fuzz so maybe there's hope for me yet! (re: Marilyn's glowy looks)

    However, due to having PCOS I have the dreaded dark upper lip mustache, which I use a depilitory cream every 1-2 weeks to get rid of, plus tweeze out the dark course chin hairs as needed. C'est la vie.
  8. strawberryjenn

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    West Midlands, U.K.
    Sounds a bit odd, but whatever works for people. I have quite dark hair that grows around my lip, but I just use a little wire springy thingy that I got off ebay lol, works like magic to take the hair off and not to painful.

    I prefer using a AHA ex-foliate at night, as the one I use is quite gentle and I have smooth skin consistently. It seems easier than shaving each day. I know my husband doesn't enjoy shaving very much, I doubt many women would want to add that on top of all the other primping we ladies do.
  9. fortworthgal

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    Panther City
    Yea, I don't think I'll be trying this. I have a heavy amount of blonde peach fuzz on my cheeks and sideburn area, but I'm leaving it be.

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