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Discussion in 'Radio' started by mikepara, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. Me?? Not fun?? :eeek: :(
    I love Kay Kyser.... HUGE fan of his music.

    I'll have to check out the Karloff / Lugosi Classics set :)

    Hi Mario :wave: :D

    Missed seeing you around....

    oh and yes, we can always agree on Mr. Bowlly :)
  2. Mr. Hallack

    Mr. Hallack One of the Regulars

    Rockland Maine
    N.I.B by Black Sabbath on AOL Radio Classic rock
  3. It's Mr. Tro-lo-lo! Either that or the Russians cloned David Letterman. [​IMG]

    His name is Eduard Khil. What's really funny is that he still wears those '70s style suits! Here's a couple of his more recent songs.

    Chelovek Iz Doma Vyishel (Cheloveku Mnogo L' Nado)
    (A Man Came Out Of The House (A Man Must Have A Lot, Eh?)

    Ne Plach', Devchonka
    (Don't Cry, Girl)

    and here's one of his early songs which is quite moving.
  4. Connery

    Connery One Too Many

    Crab Key
    Al Bowlly - It Was a lover and His Lass (23rd April 1940 - Tape Transfer ) with interesting commentary.

  5. That was lovely... thank you Connery :D
  6. Ruth Etting

    Shine On Harvest Moon (1931)

  7. Mario

    Mario I'll Lock Up

    Hoagy Carmichael

    Two Sleepy People (from the 1956 Pacific Jazz recording "Hoagy Sings Carmichael")

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  8. Blackjack

    Blackjack One Too Many

    Crystal Lake, Il
    Technically speaking Gene couldn't hold a stick to Buddy Rich, but when it came to style and groove nobody could swing a band like Krupa...

  9. Mario

    Mario I'll Lock Up

    That's a great one - I just love to watch Gene play. I'm sure he was a great inspiration for Keith Moon...they both turned into complete lunatics when they were at it! ;) :D
  10. DBurch

    DBurch New in Town

    Louisville, KY USA
    Rich Conaty's Big Broadcast saved from WFUV New York livestream last Sunday night, 21.August2011.

    Anyone else love this show?
  11. Ruth Etting -- Deed I Do (1926)

  12. Rundquist

    Rundquist A-List Customer

    “Mayeya” features stellar work from two masters, Mongo Santamaria and Charlie Palmieri. What a great track. Every now and again I come back to it and think that I need to remember about that one.

  13. Tom Jones -- Exactly Like You (1971)
    with Morecambe & Wise

  14. ^ :eeek:


  15. Connery

    Connery One Too Many

    Crab Key
    Ella Fitzgerald - Embraceable You

  16. Mario

    Mario I'll Lock Up

    Jack Hylton's Orchestra - You're The Cream In My Coffee (1928).

    There are some great vintage advertisements and illustrations in this video.


    Same song, same year, this time performed by the Colonial Club Orchestra. Again some great illustrations and advertisements.

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  17. Mario

    Mario I'll Lock Up

    Now that's new - and very strange: Whenever I try to edit any of my posts which include an embedded youtube video, the original [VIDEO] tag gets replaced with a different tag that displays the video in a much smaller version. I don't like this behaviour.
  18. Henry Gondorff

    Henry Gondorff A-List Customer

    Fulda, Germany
    This is one of my All - Time - Favorites: King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band, 1923, featuring a v e r y young Louis Armstrong. This is what Jazz is meant to be:

  19. Connery

    Connery One Too Many

    Crab Key
    I was listening to this song earlier .BTW you are centering your videos that is why that are set that way...;)

    Ted Weems - You're The Cream In My Coffee

  20. My favorite version:

    Woody Herman and his Orchestra -- Exactly Like You (1937)

    IMO Jack Hylton's arrangement is the definitive version of You're The Cream In My Coffee.
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