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M Hatman

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Congrats Mark! I was in on that one early, but decided I had enough silverbelly ORs or clones. This one looks brand new!
Yes, it does LOOK new in the pictures.....will be interested to see how it actually turns out. In any event it was reasonable enough for a modern one. I really don't like the low crown on them but what the heck.....my next purchase will be a Campdraft in Sand (or what ever they call it).....I like the color , slight contrast ribbon work and of course the higher open crown! I have one of the blue grass green and love it!!!!

As an aside, I was pondering about UPC barcodes on our hats and ran the one for this 4X OR. Turns out Stetson STILL is using the same exact code for their 6X OR. Makes one wonder if they really changed the felt at all, or simply re-designated the 4X to 6X.:confused:

(I really dislike them calling the "Buffalo Fur" hats 4X. :mad: 4X and even 3X actually meant you had an above average hat back in the day. Certainly not true now.....)

M Hatman

My Mail is Forwarded Here
On it's way from our friends at One 2 Mini Ranch...:)
I have a thing for fur-felt westerns from the big chain department stores (think Sears, Penneys, Montgomery Ward, etc.). The hats are usually made by Resistol, Lee, etc.

I know this one doesn't fit, but I do have an older Sears to keep me happy and I'm sure this one will make another "buckaroo" happy.

Being "Pilgrim" branded, this one is Pre-1965.



This is my older one (made by Byer-Rolnick):