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What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?


One Too Many
Tartu, Estonia
Temperature is back to below freezing here in Estonia for a bit. Taking my daily task of bringing kids to the kindergarden seriously and wearing my heaviest armor set. You never know what might happen along the way.


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Here are some pics of my late 40s-early 50s Buco J22 short model. It's a 20" Back on a size 40. Love how it fits me. Thanks again to @jeo For helping me look over it and discussing pricing eith the dealer. Couldn't be happier with this jacket.

I've been looking for a D pocket for a while and something that actually hits me at my belt line for over a decade now. Finally got it.
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Amazing jacket bro! Can I ask, what is the belt? Looks insane!


New in Town
I could’t find a ”latest purchases” thread so I’ll just post this here and update w/ pics later on or something, but:
A buddy of mine had a Excelled MC jacket for sale, it’s in very rough shape but since these things aren’t nearly as common here in Europe than in the US AND the measurements were very close to my modern Schott 613S I just had to get it.
The lining is a mess, the belt loops were missing, one of the pocket bags needs sewing and the zipper slider was missing the puller part.
The good thing about the lining being a mess was that I managed to take a few scrap pieces of leather and make new belt loops simply by tying a knot on the inside. I’ll update the loops with proper ones later on. I also took a brass paper clip type General brand zipper slider from a M-65 and put it on the Excelled, works great. Now I only have to sew the pocket bag and I’m good to go.
The fit is actually better for my body type than a 80s sz. 38 Schott 118 I used to have. Like with most vintage jackets, I could use some more length in the sleeves and back but for 55€ I’m pretty happy. I saw somewhere that Excelled also made a 38 long/tall, I think I’ll get one of those sometime soon.

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