White residue on the inside of collar of leather jacket

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by borisna, Jul 6, 2020.

  1. borisna

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    Anyone has any idea what this is? Salt from sweat from my neck? I can remove most of it with just a dry towel and some rubbing, note the leather is pigment finish.
    Had a similar thing on a full aniline black Vicenza, but there it was not residue but complete discoloration.
  2. navetsea

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    East Java
    can be salt bloom, can be deposited something like hair or skin product I guess. smell it
  3. Seb Lucas

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    I get this too. Wipe down and pop on some conditioner. I think it's the salts in your neck and perspiration effecting the leather. I don't wear any product. My black Vanson, less than a year old - is slightly discolored by this. It's gone all soft on the collar too, but hopefully no cracking.
  4. Doctor Damage

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    I'd say something like leather jackets should always be worn over a collared shirt or with a scarf but nobody does that anymore. At some point (The Ramones?) leather jackets stopped being bad/cold weather gear and became summer gear worn over a t-shirt. Hence bare skin against the collar and sweat and salt damage.
  5. Carlos840

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    I get the same thing, which is why i wipe the collar of worn jackets weekly during the warm months.
    I also do a wipe down of all the collars once a year on top of that.
    All i use is a wet microfiber, if it is a jacket i have worn lots or if the collar looks dry i also give it a wipe with the rag i use to apply Pecards, just to put a thin layer of conditionner on it.

    I also get similar deposits on some jackets because i use beard wax, if the collar has a shape where my beard will rub on it it leaves a white wax deposit that is easily removed with a damp cloth too.
    This happens more on Cafe Racer and mandarin collars.
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  6. Downunder G Man

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    I live in a relatively "hot" place, Perth Western Australia , and wear my jackets on some days where the ride home is HOT.

    I have yet to see this on any of my jackets , but will now be looking for it. From October onwards anyway haha...

    I have had a "beard" for 99% of the last 35 years or longer , but kept trimmed short using a number 1.

    No "beard wax" required there ! We do use various sunscreen products tho', almost a national obsession.

    "SLIP SLOP SLAP" the mantra goes !

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