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Aero Zippers, Antique or Not?

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by FlameoftheWest, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. FlameoftheWest

    FlameoftheWest New in Town

    I'm about to order an Aero Half Belt in Brown FQHH and I was wanting everyone's opinion on whether to get an antique brass zipper or just get the normal brass zipper and age it the natural way?
  2. Personally, I'd go with the bright brass and let it age with the jacket as the jacket will look new anyway.

    Brown FQHH in a HB is a fantastic choice.
  3. Although Aero's own branded zipper is an excellent choice in terms of quality and durability, I am not too convinced by their antique finish. It looks cheap to my eye. If it has to be brass go with the shiny finish....but don't expect it to get really dull. It more or less stays that way. My Aero jackets are all fitted with their dull nickel finish zipper which looks excellent even on all sorts of brown leather. If it has to be a brass zipper you should ask what kind of vintage zippers they have available in raw uncoated brass. I am pretty sure that they can offer you a brass Talon or Conmar which will age nicely.
  4. Navin323i

    Navin323i Practically Family

    I don't think I've ever seen the Aero zippers with antique finish... could someone here post a picture of it?

    I agree with Mr. H... since the jacket is going to look new then go with a normal brass zipper.
  5. GriffDeLaGriff

    GriffDeLaGriff One Too Many

    I like the antique brass. Or more precise - I dont like the shiny ones.


    They do look made antique, and not really aged, but I like them anyway.
  6. Dudleydoright

    Dudleydoright A-List Customer

    I've got jackets with each and i have to say that I prefer the shiny - once it gets dulled. The 'antique' ones look very phony. If that's your taste then go with it.

    I'm waiting on a russett brown goatskin Half belt long with A-2 collar and snaps and internal windflap and I'm getting that with the shiny zipper.

    Horses for courses really but dulling a shiny brass zipper is quick and easy if you run your thumb and forefinger over your greasy face and then rub your fingers on the shiny brass.

  7. Navin323i

    Navin323i Practically Family

    Thanks for the picture, Griff. :)

    While we're on the subject of Aero zippers, has anyone here ever considered removing the leather pull tab that's attached to the main zipper? I'm considering doing that for aesthetic reasons.
  8. FlameoftheWest

    FlameoftheWest New in Town

    Thanks guys, Jan when you say asked for raw and unfinished does that mean that the Aero zips have a coating on them?
  9. The Aero branded zipper is really of excellent overall quality and was basically introduced as an option to the sometimes failing Talon zipper. The teeth appear to made from raw or galvanized brass whereas the slider and the pull tab are die cast parts and therefore likely to be made from solid zinc. I am pretty sure that those parts are also galvanized i. e. nickel/brass plated and oxidized for the antique finish. The shiny brass zipper stays quite shiny and bright and the surface doesn't really get dull so it's likely that it is somehow protected against corrosion....probably a clear powder coating?

    Navin, if you don't like the tab just cut it off. But it is there for a reason. Try to close your jacket with half frozen or really wet fingers. Then you'll appreciate the leather pull tab.

    With every Aero jacket I've ordered so far I've also ordered a piece of the same leather it's made from to cut my own pull tabs which are styled after Eastman's M422a tab. It's longer with a bell shaped bottom.
  10. Navin323i

    Navin323i Practically Family

    That's a great point about the pull tab. Do you have pics of the custom pull tabs on your Aero jackets that you can share? That's a fantastic idea by the way, Jan... sehr gut! :D

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