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Aeroleather B-3 Jacket from WWII ?

Discussion in 'WWII' started by tempesh, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. tempesh

    tempesh New in Town

    from my girlfriends family comes this Aeroleather B-3 jacket, which her grandfather a german airforce pilot probably traded with an USAF pilot. Unluckily size 38 which is way to small for me. Can someone comment if the Prym zipper is original and with the manufacturers label is it possible to tell me the exact age of the jacket?
    Thanks a lot, more images on my website:

  2. tempesh

    tempesh New in Town

    Manufacturer Label

    sorry i forgot to post the Label numbers/code:

    The Manufacturers Label says:

    Type: B-3
    DWG. NO. 33H5595
    C. ORDER NO. 42-22899-P
    Size 38
  3. Phantomfixer

    Phantomfixer Practically Family

    Very cool if you knew more details about the trade, that alone would make a good story. Zipper is replaced, maybe a buckle too.
    edit it looks like maybe just the zipper pull was replaced. would be nice to get the right pull and put it back on...
  4. tempesh

    tempesh New in Town

    Phantomfixer, thanks for your knowledge and sharing it. I will try to digg deeper in that story and might as well find some photos in the family albums.
  5. Phantomfixer

    Phantomfixer Practically Family

    There are some here that will tell you when the jacket was made by contract number. hope they check in..thanks for posting a neat B3 and good luck witht he reasearch...BTW tried to get a military hop to Germany last week, no luck, got to to Spain instead...
  6. aswatland

    aswatland My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Your original Aero B-3 dates to early 1942. The waist belts appear to be from flying trousers braces. Originally this jacket would have had a Talon zipper fitted.
  7. tempesh

    tempesh New in Town

    thanks andew for your input and knowledge!

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