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All Things Khaki - Clothing the Vintage Adventurer

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by Creeping Past, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. Creeping Past

    Creeping Past One Too Many

    I was thinking that, since we're now in 'The Great Outdoors', maybe we could be a bit more specific about the clothing aspect and distinguish it from 'gear', which might, as we've seen, refer to anything from a truck to leather gaiters.

    Anyone else feel like getting [more] into khaki?

    Currently wearing WPG khaki trousers, army surplus Aertex shirt (Czech, apparently), and white canvas jacket in the hope that it'll get a bit hotter later.
  2. Nathan Flowers

    Nathan Flowers Head Bartender Staff Member

    Don't feel compelled to focus on all clothing in this one thread. Plenty of room to spread out and have a thread for a specific item.
  3. Creeping Past

    Creeping Past One Too Many

    khaki freedom

    Oh, how to use this new freedom?

    Consider this is a preliminary call for khaki, then... ;)
  4. Khaki is maybe the most flexible of military wear in a civilian context... Given that I'm too big for most vintage and the very limited nature of most 30s/40s repro, I think carefully selected pieces of repro military wear can help a lot. Cotton drill is especially attractive, given its sheer practicality: wool trews are all very lovely, but the dry cleaning bills get a bit much sometimes...

    In terms of *adventure* type gear, I have one of the WPG RAF desert safari jackets, bought through Soldier of Fortune UK last year. I bought it for a jungle themed costume event. Very pleased with it, though I've not quite had the nerve to wear it otherwise as of yet. I am developing mad notions of going some year on one of those hiking holidays along the Great Wall, and can see me doing that in full vintage-style adventurer attire... Certainly a very practical jacket, with all those pocketses...
  5. Creeping Past

    Creeping Past One Too Many

    Repro military khaki is a great way to get kitted out relatively inexpensively for adventuring, and...


    ...for loafing about being unadventurous. ;)

    Original vintage military khaki is way better (more durable fabrics, finer cut), but sizing can be a problem and there's nothing wrong with getting out there looking good in clothing that's readily available and up to the task.

    Nice old khaki bits and pieces come my way infrequently: I'm very tall and not at all the shape catered for by quartermasters of old.
  6. Get into Kharki!

  7. Viola

    Viola Call Me a Cab

    I like khaki in pants and skirts. I must say it is a rare khaki shirt I find appealing, on me.

    Is this khaki exclusively or olive drab as well? Because I do adore olive drab.

    I sure hope girls can play in this thread too.
  8. Absolutely!!

  9. Viola

    Viola Call Me a Cab

    That is an amazing-looking lady, a favourite pic of mine.

    Looking good in jodhpurs is one of those things you just can't fake.
  10. Creeping Past

    Creeping Past One Too Many

    Olive drab is khaki's twin: have a look at a book called Khaki Drill and Jungle Green, which has been mentioned in the old Adventurer's Gear Thread.

    No reason why there can't be a separate OD thread, though. Why not create one right now? :D
  11. Valley of the Kings - my vote for Khaki

    I'm all for a thread on Khaki, OD, etc.

    So C.P. here's to Khaki :)

    Most of my wardrobe is of subdued colours anyway.

    In support of Khaki I have a photo of Dr. Otto Schaden taken last year outside his tomb (KV-63) in the Valley of the Kings, Now I loved his hat (now that's Khaki). Not sure how he got it that colour, as I have only found them in Green and Sand (and that's an orange colour really) but I want it.


    For info:-
    Akubra Safari in Tawney Fawn
    Faded Glory Shirt in Sand Khaki ($9.99 - at 2 dollars to the pound, bargain)
    Old Navy Cargo shorts in Sand
    M&S Olive green socks
    Brasher Superlite Hybrid boots in Khaki/Brown
    (Red spotted country handkerchief - sorry need some colour :D )

    So here's to Khaki ;)
  12. I have a couple of Afrika Korps type caps-
    one in deep tan and one in a more yellow shade.
    Different from the usual fare.
    Both were from Richard A. Underwood.

    ...I think. Can't make it work today.

  13. Afrika Korps peak cap

    Thanks for the info B.T.

    Will look at Richard's site, I have a feeling they are the same as the ones I have always seen and have, a sand colour, not sure if the red lining makes it look more orange if you know what I mean. Although I have been told to wash it and leave it in very bright sunlight a few times to fade it quicker. Which is what I intend to do, however it will never be bleached as the African sun can here in the UK.

    I think Otto has had a green cap and the sun in Luxor has faded it to a nice Khaki colour, I know he spends every winter there on his research. I should ask him really where he got it from. I am tempted to get a Afrika Korps field cap in olive green and wash and sun bleach that all summer.

    Still, I thought he looked dapper though.
  14. Khaki and Green for Laides


    Look's like ladies have khaki all for themselves


    and as you love Olive Drab


  15. No- as I pointed out- neither of mine, from RAU are anywhere near sand and neither were any WW2 ones.
    Mine are SS and Luftwaffe- SS one is more Yellow and LW is more Tan.

    There are many repros on the market but few are any good.

  17. Khaki and OD is a great combo. You never know where it will take you.
  18. Nice shot, Laotou... I have a photograph of myself taken on my last trip to China in, I think, almost exactly the same spot = that's right up the back of Tiananmen Square, yes?
  19. That's exactly the spot Edward. I believe that is the 2nd gate to the Forbidden City in the background. The next time you go wear your kilt, you'll know how it feels to be a rockstar, gathering crowds and having your picture taken.
  20. dpyper

    dpyper New in Town

    I've worn KD for ww2 re-enactment but found it cool and comfortabe in hot weather I wore it with normal clothing. my wife made me some trousers based on the ones I got from soldier of fotune which are more yellow shade than the bought ones.

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