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Any Akubra's in Melbourne?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Alucard73, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. Alucard73

    Alucard73 One of the Regulars

    Hello. I am new to the Lounge. I was wondering where I could get a nice Akubra fedora in Melbourne, Australia. I am in Texas but my wife is over there now until July 12 and she is under orders (more a request) to get me an Akubra. Recomendations in style are also requested. Thanks.
  2. KeyGrip

    KeyGrip A-List Customer

    I would think that any hat shop in the city worth it's salt would be fully stocked with Akubras; the way I understand it is that Akubra is national hat of Australia. The Akubra website might have a dealer locator to help find specific stores. As for fedoras, I have a "Sydney", and it makes a great fedora. They are usually sold open crown, but it you buy at a shop the clerk may bash it for you.
  3. Agreed on the Sydney Fedora. At one point or another, I've owned the Sydney, Stylemaster, Federation (original), Traveller, Casual, Plainsman, and Cattleman. The Sydney is by far the most versatile one they offer, as far as I'm concerned.
  4. ADHD librarian

    ADHD librarian One of the Regulars

    The Styles commonly sold in Australia are not always the same as those sold in the American Market. So you might want to look at their Australian web page (which doesn't have all the styles you'll find in stores, but will give you some ideas). http://www.akubra.com.au/products_fashion.html

    The best place for your wife to go and have a look would be City Hatters
    on Flinders Street (Under the Flinders Street Station Clock is probably a better indication than a street number).

    While the Akubra is our national hat, the majority of the Australian business would be country hats (not quite as big as American cowboy hats, but not the stylish dress hat either). So, most places where you could find an Akubra would be selling you the Cattleman, Snowy River, Pastoralist, Plainsman and styles like that.

    The department stores might have a few to choose from (David Jones would be a better guess than Myers) but City Hatters would be the first stop.

    Open crown is also less common in Australia now, so most of what your wife finds will be as per the pictures on their web page. As for recommendations, Campdraft, Fedora or Stylemaster would be my suggestions. Hampton if you like a stingy brim.

    but look at the styles and think about what you want on your head.
  5. Alucard73

    Alucard73 One of the Regulars

    Thanks ADHD, I just cut and paste your post to an e-mail to my wife. Is the Federation called something else over there or is it just not on their website. I understand the majority of "country hats" issue. I am from Texas and cowboy hats are a dime a dozen.
  6. ADHD librarian

    ADHD librarian One of the Regulars

    I don't know about the Federation, in fact the Lounge is the only place I've heard of it (although I haven't gone looking).

    But the Akubra factory does so many styles while their website only mentions the most common ones. So it is possible she'll find a whole pile of different styles on the shelves in Melbourne.
  7. The Akubra Federation is exclusive to Hats Direct, just like the Akubra Adventurer is exclusive to David Morgan. There was another Akubra model that was exclusive to a store in central Pennsylvania, but I can't find it.
  8. splatt

    splatt One of the Regulars

    ADHD is spot on...though in the city stores the dress hats are very popular shelf items.

    City Hatters is my favourite Melbourne hat store, and is not only a Melbourne icon but also the biggest stockist of Akubra hats in the city.

    It is located to the right of the steps, at the main entrance to Flinders Street Railway Station at the corner of Flinders Street and Swanston Street.

    You really can't miss it :)
  9. splatt

    splatt One of the Regulars

    The Akubra Adventurer was actually originally made exclusively for a Sydney clothing store called "Gowings" and then licensed to David Morgan in the US. When the Gowings store closed in 2006 and the license expired, they then started selling it through "Strand Hatters" in Sydney, which is the only place you can buy it in Australia over the counter from what i understand.

    Strand Hatters is by far the best hat store in Sydney and has a large range of Akubra hats as it is the only store owned by Akubra themselves. Unfortunately the website isn't really a true indication of what they stock in store :(
  10. KeyGrip

    KeyGrip A-List Customer

    Oh, and when you can, please post some pictures of what you get. :)
  11. Alucard73

    Alucard73 One of the Regulars

    I will post picks. With my wife, I will be as surprised to see what she gets as anyone else. I also have four PB straw hats on the way. The Bogey is going to take a while but the two e-bay Montecristis and Cuenca Caballero should be here in a week or so. I think thats a good start.
  12. KeyGrip

    KeyGrip A-List Customer

    Yea, that would count as a good start.
  13. Nice, splatt. Thanks.
  14. Alucard73

    Alucard73 One of the Regulars

    In the context of this post, “PB” means any natural person, corporation, firm, association, partnership, joint venture, proprietorship, governmental body, or any other organization, business, or legal entity, and all predecessors or successors in interest who go the name PANAMABOB.
  15. Alucard73

    Alucard73 One of the Regulars

    Yes, thanks Splatt. I just need to communicate the style and hope for the best. If I don't like it I will just order a Federation.
  16. ADHD librarian

    ADHD librarian One of the Regulars

    looking at the Akubra website. Which style takes your fancy?
  17. Alucard73

    Alucard73 One of the Regulars

    Not a huge selection of fedora style hats in the photos and I am too new to know what can be rebashed and what cant. I do like the Fedora, Bogart, Stylemaster, International and Casual.
  18. raptorv22

    raptorv22 New in Town

    I had an old Federation and I absolutely loved it, that thing stood up to more abuse than any hat every should.
  19. splatt

    splatt One of the Regulars

    Good choices...i have owned three out of the five hats you selected :)

    I had an Akubra Fedora back in the 1980's and adored it, until someone stole it while i was traveling on a train out of Istanbul :eek:

    I bought a Stylemaster earlier last year (i think) and it has a much shorter crown than the other hats...certainly based on an Australian design from the 40's and 50's and goes well with a suit.

    The International is my absolute favourite at the moment (i'm wearing it in my avatar)...it's a great hat and i wear it all the time both with casual attire and the occasional suit :D
  20. ADHD librarian

    ADHD librarian One of the Regulars

    Excuse me as I swell with Nationalistic Pride for one moment,
    but Akubras all stand up to a hard life because they are designed to be worn by Aussie Bushmen. An Aussie farmer's Akubra will be worn for every moment of every day with the exception of time spent sleeping or at the dinner table.

    They will be out in rain and duststorms, snow and cyclones (depending on where you are in this big beautiful land of ours). It will be treated as a piece of equipment, not as a museum piece. So, while it will be cared for, it won't be kept clean or dry, it will need to earn its keep (like anything on a farm).

    That old hat will, blow off when you're at the sale yards and it'll land in the bull pen. It'll end up with an ear tag which someone thinks it'll be funny to punch through the brim. It could end up branded by some wag when you’re out branding the poddy calves.
    It’ll get set down in the machine shed when you wipe your brow and when you pick it up it'll be coverd in engine oil and sand...

    In short, no matter what happens to it. It is designed to cope with anything short of an acid bath.

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