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Any modelers on Fedora Lounge?

Discussion in 'The Display Case' started by MikeBravo, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. Uhu

    Uhu Familiar Face

    I started out making 1/35 scale military models & dioramas. Then I developed an interest in 1930s NYC, so I went to 1/87 scale, mostly scratch building things, due to lack of suitable kits. I make extensive use of a laser cutter. Here is a link to some of my work:


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  2. Killick

    Killick Familiar Face

    Nice modeling Uhu, all of you!
    Funny this thread popped up again as I just ordered a viking longship. Plank on frame construction. This is for a winter project. Maybe I'll do a build sheet on it here is pictures. We'll see how it goes first!
    This ship was a solid hull I made a few years ago.
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  3. rocketeer

    rocketeer Call Me a Cab

    I used to collect and build many model car kits. What I did not understand were those that bought them with no intention of assembling these models as the unbuilt model has absolutely nothing positive to admire except maybe the box art. A few spurs of parts put together transform what was once just a jumble of pieces.
    I have a few that I foolishly never got around to putting together, a Revell Ford Country Squire, Lincoln Futura and many hot rod type models I am hoping to sell on to a fool like I was. I have stopped buying them now, though if a rare item is found cheap I may put it together. I don't mind admitting though you could call it boasting, I am at least quite good at it.
    Another aspect of collecting models, though not kits are those that collect old promo's such as put out by Johan and AMT. Please Mr Collector, what pleasure can be gained from looking at a rare model if it is warped to an almost un recognisable effort of a 1959 Cadillac for example? A friend bought one of these bent in all directions like a banana, it's rarity being the colour it was moulded in.
    Here's a couple of original kits I did slap together. I have one last original unbuilt example left. I hope you like it.[​IMG]

    And just to prove the Batmobile is not a Polar Lights.

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  4. p51

    p51 Practically Family

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  5. I can really appreciate your attention to detail here. I've seen a number of displays over the years and it always bothers me when the modeler has clearly spent time weathering the trains and faithfully duplicating landscapes to make them look realistic, but have taken the obviously plastic buildings and cars and such out of their boxes and placed them on their layouts as-is. For me it really ruins the overall effect, but it does make layouts like yours that much more impressive.
  6. p51

    p51 Practically Family

    Thanks! The gas station is a pre-built structure but I modified the heck out of it. Two flag stops were built from kits, and the rest were scratch-built.
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  7. p51

    p51 Practically Family

    Playing around with my cell again:
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  8. 2017-11-26_215751.jpg

    here's an interesting old photo from the 1930's era Germany
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