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Are you a Military wife?

Discussion in 'The Home Front Woman' started by Sweet Polly Purebred, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. Gracie Lee

    Gracie Lee A-List Customer

    I love that pic, SayCici! I think I detect a slightly Ferris Bueller-esque smirk :)
  2. Me too!

    I'm a military fiancee. Mine is in the RAAF. Currently he's in the middle of a six month deployment to Afghanistan. He'll be back at the end of July thank goodness. Hurrah! :D
  3. I am a military wife. My husband has been in about 6 and a half years thus far, but we're getting out next year. It's a tough life and it's definitely put us through the paces, but we've become stronger because of it.
  4. Wow. I just went back through and re-read this thread. I can't believe how long ago that was! He's been in 16 years now. It was 12 when I first posted and he's got 3 combat tours under his belt now. All my boys are home right now (2 brothers and a husband all in) But my older brother is going back to Iraq in a couple of months.
    Husband should be home for another year I think.
  5. Grant Fan

    Grant Fan Practically Family

    SayCici he is too funny myboyfriend is an NFO in the Navy and he is a big ham too similar type silly behavior with Paul. You gotta love the aviator behavior it's great
    [​IMG] By the way ladies last time I posted on here Paul and I had over a year left of him being in Japan, we have about 6ish months now.
  6. lindylady

    lindylady A-List Customer

    I'm new to the military life. I got married to my army guy last year in May, and we promptly left Virginia to come here to Ft. Sill in Oklahoma. I quickly learned how much strength is required of a military spouse, day in and day out. It's not just you and your husband, it's you, your husband, and Uncle Sam. And often, Uncle Sam comes first. You really have to rely on faith, and have the perspective that love and family are permanent, not one's time at a particular post.

    Thank you all for your show of support to the troops and their families!
  7. Grant Fan

    Grant Fan Practically Family

    I have a really good friend who is in Japan she is a Navy wife and looks after my boyfriend for me. She puts it this way "While we have their hearts Uncle Sam has their bodies. If they had it their way we would always be first but we can't be." For me knowing he wants me to be first means a lot and he really tried to make it known as frequently as possible
  8. Lindylady. and anyone else new to the 'system', I work for Marine Corps Family Team building, if you need anything at all family readiness related just let me know. I've worked in family readiness for the last 10 years.

    Also, MILITARY ONE SOURCE. Seriously. Make it your best friend. Best darn resource we have.
  9. :eek:fftopic:

    OH my stars. It is Nashoba. Always wondered what happened to you. :eek:
    Welcome back. Now if LolitaHaze would show back up it would really make my day. :eusa_clap

    Thank you very much and all the ones in this thread for your service to our country. :eusa_clap :eusa_clap
  10. lindylady

    lindylady A-List Customer

    Thank you, Nashoba. I really appreciate that. I'll be sure to check out Military One Source, too :)
  11. Heidi Crabtree

    Heidi Crabtree New in Town

    I am, just signed up here. Married 19 years, he has been in around 30. We're separated again as he is in VA for a two year assignment, and the last time we rented the house it was a nightmare so I'm staying here. We get together once a month. Better than deployment! Hard to make friends here. We have no kids and the military community seems to be hostile to couples without kids.
  12. N.K.

    N.K. New in Town

    It's so interesting reading all your stories here! I've always wondered what it's like to have a guy in the military; it's not something you come across often where I live. In fact, most women in my country seem to dislike the idea of being a military wife. Though in my opinion it has something romantic (but I could be terribly wrong about that!)

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