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Art Fawcett VS Hall of Fame

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Lawman, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. Lawman

    Lawman One of the Regulars

    Guys, I have decided to take the plunge. Now comes the fun part of picking style, color, ribbon, etc. Is there any way you all could share with me pics of your Fawcett masterpieces?

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  2. Joel Tunnah

    Joel Tunnah Practically Family


    The "Cheyenne". (I have it bashed with a c-crown now too, just like on Art's website)

  3. Blackhorse

    Blackhorse One of the Regulars

    Lawman, I'm going through the same process as you are right now. Do a search here, just using "Fawcett" and you'll get tons of threads. The titles should tell you which to open - and you can get lots of Art-istic ideas. I've put together a photo file of a lot of Art's work from which to get ideas...the same as you want to do. I'll keep an eye out here and post items that are left out...only thing is I didn't jot down dimensions on a lot of them, but then, if you send a photo to Art he'll probably know. Also, Art told me he was in the process of updating his website with a new look and many new photos of past work to coincide with the release of the Classic Style Magazine. Note two of my favorite shots below.


    If anything, Art has RANGE!!!

  4. The color is Smokey Mountain Blue

  5. Blackhorse

    Blackhorse One of the Regulars

    Maybe we can talk WeeGee into posting some new shots of his "Savoy" - one of my favorites!
  6. Wow, pretty.
  7. Barry

    Barry Practically Family

    Cheyenne with a different bash...


    Midnight Blue:


  8. Lawman

    Lawman One of the Regulars

    Wow! Look at those colors. That blue is scary nice.
  9. thetankw/ahat

    thetankw/ahat Familiar Face

    wow that hat would go great with my duct tape suit

    (ok so i dont have a duct tape suit but i want one)
  10. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award

    I don't have any pics, but I have bought some of my most beautiful vintage pieces from Art and Janene when they were selling vintage at the Santa Monica Vintage Expo. So my hats off to them! And they were so kind always and Janene was the sweetest ever and so patient with me- heck, I started going when I was 14! So just a thank you to Art and Janene from me :D
  11. I have the Manhattan in a light gray color called Silvermist. Sorry, I have no pictures, but Art posted the same hat on an earlier site.

    Mine was styled with a lighter colored ribbon as I feel it gives the hat a more "feminine" look.

    I love that hat!

  12. WEEGEE

    WEEGEE Practically Family

    "EDDIE G"


    "Sammy D"
  14. analogist

    analogist One of the Regulars

    Art Fawcett Hats

    I too have spoken with Mr.Fawcett a few times and am getting ready to take the plunge. Thanks all for your images. The only one which gives me some
    doubt is the one called "Spumoni." What's with the name and what kind of hat wearer would wear this? I suppose someone with a great flair for style, and a true trendsetter.

  15. Blackhorse

    Blackhorse One of the Regulars

    How about these?


    I guess I'm too new to know that Art does Panamas!


    The proverbial Candy Shop!!! Let's see Mister...I'll have one of those and one of those and...oh heck...I'll just take 'em all!
  16. BigSho

    BigSho Vendor

    Art fawcett a true artist and a master of his craft . . . . . and may I add one heck of a gentleman to boot.
  17. Here's my first and only so far from Art

    (but not the last)

  18. WEEGEE

    WEEGEE Practically Family


    It would take someone of that ilk flair/style/truetendsetter to pull it off.

    Word on the street filtered through the back alleys has led me to believe this rumor so... Art collaborated on the "Spumoni" with a reclusive, eccentric designer of all things mysterious who is known to reside in The City.
    I have yet to see the "Spumoni" in person though I am having a display case built in the center of my living room so all who visit may bask in it's mysterious glow and perhaps when all in the sky is aligned so i will wear it into the world when i am worthy.

    Yes, analogist you should own one of Art's hats or two and the "Spumoni" is a most auspicious place to start.
  19. Art Fawcett

    Art Fawcett Sponsoring Affiliate

    HALL OF FAME?????

    Holy Cow guys & gals...I'm just gettin started!!! I had no idea you had done so much research Blackhorse...now the pressure is REALLY on!!! (this one better be perfect..)
    Thanks for the post SIr..
  20. shoeshineboy

    shoeshineboy Practically Family




    i'm the real good looking one on the left.....that's sharpetoys on the right....

    mark the shoeshine boy

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