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Banished Lounger?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Lawman, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Lawman

    Lawman One of the Regulars

    I purchased my first vintage fedora from a former lounger in Florida some months back. It was a Stetson 3X beaver, and is a decent hat.

    In negotiating with him, he mentioned that he was a former lounger, and that he had been banished for his "views." It seemed a curious sanction, especially given the usually mild temperament of the loungers.

    My curiosity has gotten the better of me, and I'd love to hear if anyone can illuminate this mystery. He intimated that he was banished for politcal banter of some kind.


  2. IBTL
  3. Robert! ? Mr F. Sanchez? Harry Lime?

    I'm trying to think of banished floridans . . .

  4. Rarely is someone banned from the Lounge. It's extreme circumstances where a member is attacking another's reputation incessantly or where a member is personally attacking other members.

    There is the rare case where a member was here dropping off innapropriate material that was offensive. If the person was banned you can be sure it was for his or her harsh actions.
  5. You mean???

    That fabulous chap? :p
  6. My roommate and I each narked on people who were abusive and they are all now banished. Once in a while I will come across a thread with a posting by someone who was suspended. I think I have had a post or two of my own rightly removed by a moderator, about which I am ashamed that I was so silly and inconsiderate and only concerned about venting my spleen. Now I try to think twice since I don't want to be kicked out of the Lounge, I like it here too much. Other guys obviously didn't care and were suspended.
  7. Lawman

    Lawman One of the Regulars

    In response to Matt's reply, I have little doubt that the banishment was well warranted. In my limited dealings with this chap he showed himself to be anything but reluctant to offend.

    He had some affiliation with the USAF Thunderbirds flight team as I recall.
  8. .

    He wasn't suspended for his views. He got the boot for his behaviour. I was very lenient with him due to his distinguished service.....but he mistook kindness for weakness. Too bad. He had a great hat collection.
  9. feltfan

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  10. Art Fawcett

    Art Fawcett Sponsoring Affiliate

    I cannot credit the origin of the quote " A true diplomat is one that can tell you to go to hell and have you look forward to the trip" ( I'm sure I've misquoted this) but I try to use it as a guide for everything I say. It isn't always what you say but how you say it. In this case, although I personally like this member, the way he said things were less than diplomatic at many too many times. Thus, his banishment.

    What we all need to remember and sometimes forget is that this place is akin to a private "Gentleman's" club ( please, no offence meant Ladies but that is the way it started) and decorum must be maintained in order to keep it that way. Once we go to the lack of decorum, we have a locker room. There are plenty of those on the net.
  11. Lawman

    Lawman One of the Regulars

    Well said, Mr. Fawcett.
  12. Twitch

    Twitch My Mail is Forwarded Here

    The whole political dialogue being banned is for the best. It's always the same pointless "our guys are better than your guys" harangue. The political rhetoric perpetrated by some in the past got to the point of juvenile name calling and hatefulness.

    There's enough sites where one can go to be abused by others who don't share their naive political diatribes. This doesn't need to be yet another.
  13. I must add that sometimes one should "banish" himself, or at least walk quieter when carrying the big stick. Many actions, postings and comments are moved, commented on by private message, or deleted as well, and grey policy is subject to the mediator of the moment. You will find some things moved to classifieds while others of the same content may be found to have never been moved. In a subjective society as "ours", one must bow to the gatekeepers in order to maintain peace, integrity and reputation. Afterall, it's the gatekeepers living room where we carry our discussions.

  14. dog20

    dog20 Familiar Face

  15. SHRED?




  16. Ah, Dusty. As MK said, he had some fine, fine hats.

    As the recipient of substantial volumes of his wrath, i'll say i miss his posts. They were fun.

    bk (founder member of the Bring Back Dusty Rhodes and Biltmore Bob Society)
  17. But please, please, PLEASE don't found a Bring Back Happy Stroller Society.

  18. dog20

    dog20 Familiar Face

    i'm trying to get enough posts so i can PM, Deckard about hats... since my topic got deleted.
  19. dog20

    dog20 Familiar Face

    :eek:fftopic: even with 15 i'm still unable to PM. did they change it to 20?

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