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Best Night cream?

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by SkullChick, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. I have very pale, ghostly skin tone but its really uneven with red blotches and age spots, freckles, acne scars, and large pores its just plain awful I admit that I never took care of my skin that well growing up and now I'm 24, going on 25 in few months and I'm simply horrified how awful my face's looking nowaday and how none of the foundation works well evening out my skin to have flawless look so I'm interested in night cream to start with. I'm already using cetaphil cleanser, st. ives facial scrubs, and I tried lemon and cucumber juice toner (homemade) it worked really well but I cant afford to spend a bag of lemon and cucumber every 2 weeks to keep this up lol so I'm wondering what's the best night cream you girls uses?
  2. You might try a serum geared toward repair - Estee Lauder has a really nice Advanced Night Repair serum that I love.
  3. I'll look into that, thanks
  4. Olay and L'Oreal both also make good creams & serums.

    For toner I like to use regular old drugstore witch hazel. A bottle runs me $1.50 in the "First Aid" section at Target and lasts a couple of months.
  5. Juliet

    Juliet A-List Customer

    You know, I went a very un-traditional route just the last days. :)
    I usually prefer "dr. Organic's Rose Otto Night Cream", but I've been having a few stress-related (or so I think) break-outs and irritations (P.S. I'm a VERY pale skinned gal), and I used a sample of Lush's Ro's Argan Body Conditioner on my face (I was pretty desperate). It actually worked out absolutely heavenly and I'm thinking of bying that as my night cream.
    I would advise trying it out at the store or as a sample first, though. It might be just too heavy for some gals, and it's not strictly meant as a face cream.
    Now, another thing I use (actually a lot of people do) - also from Lush - when the skin on my face is stressed and red and sensitive, is the Lovely Jubblies breast cream. It's meant for skin so delicate, that it's great for irritations and wrinkles and any skin problems.

    Yves Rocher has several heavy, but useful face creams, too.
    Now, I know Melvita has some amazing products, but I can't vouch for thier face moisturisers. But everything that I've tried from them has been absolutely great (especially the under-eye cream).
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  6. ouch estee lauder serum runs $140 for tiny bottle lol I'm cheap lol I tried burt's bee ugh too sticky and thick for my taste, thankfully it was just sample sized
  7. have you tried lemon juice and pureed cucumber "toner" I did 1:1 ratio of each and mix it up, apply it on face withmy hands and leave it on for few min until it feel tingly and cold then rinse with cold water after few application it fades my nose sunburn scars but of course I got new sunburn scar on my nose despite wearing sunscreen with spf 50 :( lol lemon juice makes the skin photosensitive so
  8. Juliet

    Juliet A-List Customer

    You might want to be careful about regular application of lemoin juice to your skin. It doesn't need any undue stress.
    Sour cream with minced persley is better for sunburns (or to make freckles pale).
  9. Heather

    Heather Practically Family

    I just bought olay's regenerating serum. It's suppose to be good!
  10. I don't plan on using it regularly just until my skin's all even out from years of damage and negligence
  11. Oh lala!

    Oh lala! New in Town

    First of all you need to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and drink a lot of water. Moreover, you have to remove your makeup perfectly: use oil to remove your makeup, the best oil for your skin type is jojba oil, then you gently wash your face face with a washing gel fr sensitive skin, you can use a konjac sponge, it will exfoliate your sking. After, dry your face and use micellar water on a cotton pad, it will remove all your makeup remains. Then use a toner.

    If you don't use makeup, you can only use micellar water and a toner.

    Don't scrub more than twice a week and use grain-free scrub (the Unt Brightning exfoliator is great!)

    Regarding face creams, avoid creams made with silicons as they will clog your pores. If you use a serum, use a cream too, serums are not enough efficient alone.
    In winter we need thicker cream than is summer, so you may need to use 2 different creams.

    If your skin is dry and thirsty, try to avoid tap water the morning, instead, you can use rose water (or other waters) on a cotton pad to remove the greasy feelings.

    I hope it will help! :)
  12. ok here's the review, I don't see any improvement my skin looks the same except greasier in the morning and I get small rash-like breakout between brows so I wash my face twice daily morning with cetaphil and before bed with cold cream my sampler plant stem cell serum work slightly it just feel tighter but no improvement on my skin tone I want even skin tone, smaller pores, no red blotches and get rid of dark spot on nose gah
  13. Juliet

    Juliet A-List Customer

    SkullChick, you might want to see a dermatologist. If you changed your beauty routine and still get irritations, break-outs, rashes, etc., the solution could be a tad deeper than a good face cream.
    In the meantime my advice would be
    a) the same as Oh lala!'s
    b) if the key factor is irritation, then you could try a very basic face cream for sensitive skin, and add E-vitamine and nourishing serum to it (sold separately). Don't go heavy on tightening agents - that's not your main concern right now. Don't overexert your skin with fruit acids. Like Oh lala! wrote - don't scrub frequently!
    Cold cream as your evening cleansing is a good bet. Face masks also should be nourishing and for sensitive skin.
    Don't try to get to your goal (perfect skin) in one step. You have to stock up your skin with everything it needs to repair itself, first.
  14. I have mint julep mask I use that once a month its good for blackhead but I don't have prob with blackhead. I know I can't get it all in one products I'm already doing cetaphil morning and cold cream night with witch hazel and lemon juice as toner and I used to use salycic acid moisturizer but not anymore since it doesn't do anything so I thought to try sample sized plant cell moisturizer and serum and buy night cream to see how that do
  15. Best night cream for me is not a cream, it's oil... Rosehip Oil.
  16. I think the mint julep mask might be too harsh for you. You might need to see a dermatologist to figure out exactly what you need.

    Personally I would stop using everything you're using and go down to the cetaphil (or other gentle cleanser) twice a day, and possibly a gentle commercial toner (maybe witch hazel?) The lemon juice may actually be irritating your skin more and creating more problems. I also think you should avoid scrubs, or at least use a really gentle one (NOT St. Ives) for a while.
  17. JennieWren

    JennieWren Familiar Face

    I completely agree with this! I have fair, freckled skin that is prone to break outs and enlarged pores and burns easily in the sun and is combination oily and dry. Rosehip oil is fabulous. I started using it on my feet because I had a terrible burn on one foot that required a 3"x 3" skin graft (but I managed to keep all my toes, yay!), and a knowledgeable lady at the healthfood store said that it would reduce the visibility of the scar. I faithfully used it on my scar every night, and lo and behold! My scar practically disappeared! Now, six years later you have to really look for it and I can wear sandals without women fainting in the streets at the sight of my feet. After I had such great results with what I was sure would be a very disfiguring scar I started using it on my face at night as well to help repair my skin. I turn 32 in a couple of months, and my skin is in better shape now than it was when I was 25.
    I also use ghassoul clay mixed with water to make a mask once a week, and a home made scrub twice a week of 2 parts baking soda, 1 part coconut oil, 1 part castor oil, and several drops of tea tree oil (then washed with lots of water, first as hot as I can stand, then cold to close the pores)
  18. I tried using nothing but cetaphil and it dry my skin out so I use moisturizer and it was alright but didn't last and I tried using nothing at all just plain water and it worked well from last summer up until early spring and it stopped working well and my face and body's skin in bad shape and nothing is working right now I think its because I stopped taking birth control shot after being on it for almost 4 years
  19. Using only cetaphil will dry your skin out for sure. I use the cetaphil bar rather than the liquid, I find it less drying. Like Hadley, I think rosehip oil is lovely as a moisturiser, jojoba oil is really good too. I don't use commercial exfoliators, either a light rub with a wash cloth or very little bi carb soda & water works well.

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