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Borsalino Hat Damaged

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Son of Brummell, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. Son of Brummell

    Son of Brummell New in Town

    This morning I reached for one of my Borsalino hats, and I noted some damage. I wanted to know if the members experienced similar damage since there had been complaints about the decline in Borsalino quality.

    This is a fur felt hat which I might have worn 20 times or less. I have had it about 2 years.

    Along the creases in the crown at the back and the side there were a few, deep pockmarks which are similar to acne scarring. These weren't holes. I checked my other hats for moth or insect damage, and I found none.

    I had not worn this hat since the spring. It was sitting in my closet along with my other hats.

    Is this a failure in the felt? I recall reading that some members complained of such a failure.

    Thank you for your responses.

    Mark Seitelman.
  2. It probably tasted better...

    What you describe is probably moth nibbles. I have stored several hats together on a coat tree only to discover one with moth nibbles. The others remained untouched. The hat that was damaged was an inexpensive Solentino, made in CZ or Yugoslavia or somewhere like that. Maybe it has something to do with the wool content. Who knows? I've taken to storing my nicer hats in the box wrapped in the plastic they came with. Moth Balls are now an additive to my closet.
  3. Son of Brummell

    Son of Brummell New in Town

    Thanks for your response, Biltmore Bob.

    Do moths attack fur felt? A wool hat (with cashmere) was placed on top of the afflicted hat, and I would assume that a moth would go for the wool rather than the fur. Am I wrong on this?

    What are the signs of moth nibbling or other moth damage?

  4. Hemingway Jones

    Hemingway Jones I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Do you see moths flying around when you have moths, or is it much more subtle?
  5. Andykev

    Andykev I'll Lock Up Bartender


    It may also be SILVERFISH!! More likely the culprit!. I keep my hats boxed.
  6. Yep, I think Andykev is on to something. I had the same thing happen to a fur felt hat, with the little pockmarks, and it was silverfish.
  7. You may be able to pounce/sand them off. Worth a shot.Try 600 grit
  8. Son of Brummell

    Son of Brummell New in Town

    I carefully checked the pockmarks, and there is no white or other residue which would indicate silverfish or some other culprit. The hat is clean as well as the surrounding hats.

    One member privately suggested to me that this was "acne scarring" which can happen. I guess that it is a failure in the felt, sort of like a stress fracture. I recall some members complaining of holes which developed in Borsalino felt.

    I'm going to have this checked by my hat man.

    Thanks for your responses.
  9. besdor

    besdor Vendor/Sponsor

    Sometimes this is referred to as Elephant skin on a hat . Borsalino is :having a problem today . Many of their hats are being made where the bodies are being stetched out and are too soft . :cry:

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