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Buzz Rickson Perry A2 (pics)

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by srivats, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. srivats

    srivats Familiar Face

    I picked this A2 jacket recently ... made of italian horsehide, very grainly. It fits me really well ... here are a couple of quick pics:


  2. jamespibworth@n

    jamespibworth@n One of the Regulars

    Great colour on that A2. Fit is good too. Looks like a tough jacket, I Like it.

    The cuff knits look longer than most don’t you think? Maybe a Buzz Rickson trait?

  3. Correct. Don't know why they do it, as well as their glossy sheen. Most of their leather looks like plastic to me. This one doesn't look too bad but I have seen some of their work that looks like someone buffed it to a high sheen. Awful.
  4. Burnsie

    Burnsie Registered User

    The grain is great! Did you buy it new or used - if it has that much character new it will break in very nicely. Is that standard Buzz russett? The color is nice but lighter than what I'm used to...I know Buzz and the Few do custom finishes/colors on select hides, do you know what this one is?
    Nice jacket!
  5. srivats

    srivats Familiar Face

    Sorry for the mirror shot, the camera does not have a timer ...

    I bought the jacket used, but not heavily. The leather has fantastic grain and it
    is going to look only better as it ages. The leather is thicker than regular A2 The surface has a bit of a sheen though that hope dulls soon. I like the snug fit.

    James, the knits are indeed longer on BR jackets but I actually like them ... another interesting fact - the zipper appears to be a NOS talon and not a reproduction. I will try to get some closeup shots of the jacket, the grain and the zipper later this week ...
  6. Nice Perry repro srivats. Looks good on you!

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