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current dress trends

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by esteban68, May 6, 2012.

  1. Ok I have to point out a couple of things that really annoy me one is trousers/pants halfway down your arse (I keep hoping it'll die out but it's still there although now limited mainly to the 'underclass'- I think people got bored of it when manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon and started producing low slung jeans)
    The other is the current trend in the UK(TV presenters et al) at least of a shiny' sharksin two piece worn sans tie but with the collar done right up....if your going tie less please leave the top button undone it looks vile to my eye at least....rant over.
  2. Hal

    Hal Practically Family

    Suit withopen-necked shirt tie looks vile to my eye in any case!
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  3. To be fair I pretty much agree Hal the only real exception would be a linen suit worn in warmer climes..........I was forced to endure 'The Voice' and BGT last night and many of the presenters and hopefuls were wearing this 'new look', no , no ,no! .......and even their suits seem to be low waisted up the leg and arm shrunk in the wash jobbies!
  4. Marc-Ange Draco

    Marc-Ange Draco New in Town

    One of the characters in Eastenders has a nasty habit of doing just this, it seems to be his "trademark".
  5. What's really funny is when old guys with their pants pulled up to their nipples criticize young guys with their pants pulled down to their knees. Both look about equally silly.
  6. To be fair there is looking silly because your pants are too high (a subjective measure like lapel or hat brim width) and looking more than a bit moronic because your pants are hanging off your backside with your underwear visible and your shuffling gait saying, "I've just dumped in my drawers." ;)
  7. Fair enough, but what if the pants pulled up so high lead to exaggerated high waters at the ankles, leading to the conclusion that the pants the youth wear and the pants the elderly wear are of the same design, only both set at the wrong height? Personally, I wear my pants so that they cover pants parts, and shirts to cover shirt parts. I do agree about subjective though. It's all subjective how people think pants look at any height.
  8. At the risk of kicking the dead horse until it falls to pieces in the road, nobody's ever come up with a reasonable answer to the question I always ask when this issue comes up: why do men want their torsos to look long and their legs to look short and stubby? Wearing pants anywhere but at the natural waistline makes the body look asymmetrical, and is unflattering by any standard by which such things can be judged on any normally-built adult male -- so why do it? What do these men see when they look in the mirror that makes them think YEAH BABY THE CHICKS DIG GUYS BUILT LIKE CHARLIE BROWN! WOO! SMOKIN'!

    Seriously, what do they see?
  9. The rare times I've seen an elderly man wear his pants that high (while the rise is high, the inseam is never high-water level) it never struck me as cringe worthy.
    A good rule of thumb for style is "less is more". The less butt-crack, underwear, etc. one chooses to show the better.
  10. What do the women see? A good portion of dressing is to look good to the opposite sex. Fact is, " the chicks dig guys built like Charlie Brown".
  11. More proof, then, that evolution is going in reverse.
  12. I don't believe that at all. A gal with Charlie Brown on her arm will always give a look when a well dressed guy walks in the room. They'll generally comment at some point too. I've received enough of those, "I wish my boyfriend/husband dressed better" comments from appreciative women.
    Truth be told, I think most women have low self-esteem and their choice of men confirm it.
    I see too many couples out and about where the woman is dressed to kill and the guy looks like he just finished his little league baseball game.
  13. You crack me up Lizzie :rofl:

    I completely agree though!
  14. I disagree. I just think that the majority of men dress like that, so women have no other choice [huh]
  15. Men's dress varies pretty drastically across history and culture. Funny pants are just one iteration of this. It's certainly possible that women in all circumstances except those where men dress like Cary Grant have been settling or lack self esteem. If women 200 years ago found knickers attractive on a guy, and some women can be attracted to the farmer in overalls, others the hard working mechanic, and others yet the suited gentleman, and in fact at times those favoring the metrosexual or the working man not liking the alternative, it seems simpler to just assume that most women seeing guys in modern fashion do in fact like it. Sure, some might just be settling, and it's mathematically mandatory that half a population have less self esteem than average, but these fashions don't form in a bubble. There's a lot of give and take trying to appeal to peers, of which women are a part. To argue otherwise might lead one to believe women never liked a man's outfit until the advent of the suit, and women in no suit regions are settling even still. People's tastes span a huge range, and cultural norms can make a lot of soon to be silly ideas attractive. Happens every decade.
  16. Juliet

    Juliet A-List Customer

    Don't forget the trends set by the industry.
    One always finds a large amount of people who are most unsatisfied with the current 'look' of the opposite sex. Yet it is the expected look, so the majority will wear it - just because it is expected (force majeure, as war and rationing, aside).
  17. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    As Miss Neecerie used to wisely point out: We are not mainstream. We wear clothes from dead stranger's attics, dumpsters, rummage sales, rotting trunks and roach motels. People in glass houses....
  18. That's hilarious because it's so true. lol

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