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Deadstock Edwardian and 1930s footwear (some in original boxes)

Discussion in 'Vintage Finds and Deals' started by Two Types, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. one day i'll find a pair of brown teens-1920s boots in my size....one day. [huh]
  2. this is the boot of my dreams, and has been for many years:

  3. Stunning last shape
  4. it is indeed. modern boots never go for the concave curve up the back of the ankle. why they don't even attempt it, i'll never know, but they don't.
  5. The (poor quality) stacy adams boots, now out of production, have this. It is a shame that they are made from such bad leather.
  6. Rudie

    Rudie Call Me a Cab

    Red Wings do, but they are something totally different.
  7. ... not that i'm saying that shape is the only good thing about the last shape above by the way - far from it, the whole thing is beautiful. sigh.
  8. If only I had thousands of pounds to spend on shoes. Sigh indeed.
  9. i remember asking in Foster and Sons around 2004 how much a pair of bespoke shoes was and they said £1500. now they've gone up to £2300. boots are £4000.
    bespoke shoe prices are simply nuts.
  10. Man, what a shame about those small sizes. I assume the sizes given are modern North American sizes? If so, I'm way off at a medium 9.5 to 10 mens size. A great site though, I'd never heard of it. It's bookmarked now though!
  11. Sigh. Dead stock vintage clothes all seem to come in just three sizes: TS, MTS and MMTS. (Too Small, Much Too Small and Much Much Too Small.)
  12. Well, I'm told people were smaller way back when! Henry VIII was a giant at six feet apparently. HEY! I'm almost a giant! (5' 11")

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