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Experiences and help with aluminum curlers

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by Hamilton_Honey, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Hi girls,

    I have finally purchased at bunch of vintage aluminum curlers (Hollywood and Tip-Top) and wondered if I can ask for your experiences with them and if anyone has replaced the rubber bits on theirs (and what did you find that worked for that).

    The thing that appeals to me about these is the fact that they have an end clamp like curling irons do, and I hope that will help me get much nicer ends on my curls. Here's the seller's picture, I know you will all recognize the type:


    If any of you have tips I really appreciate it!
  2. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award

    I use these kind sometimes, too. The ends of mine have rotted off so I use a bobby pin to keep them closed by looping it through the end and then fastening down the side of curler over the hair. I keep them in small sections and use setting lotion and use end papers to keep the hair together at the ends. These have worked really great for me, but try to set it during the day as they hurt to sleep on!
    Both these and modern plastic perm rods make the best curl in my hair that stays the longest.
    That little bitty one you've got in the middle are my favorites! When I miss a section or part of my hair underneath in the back is too short to curl those little things work great!
  3. Thanks, Lauren :)

    I was hoping to skip end papers, but we'll see. The bobby pin trick sounds useful. If I do find something that works well to replace the rubber, I'll post here.

    Not sure if I have enough curlers to do all of my hair - I might need more than this.

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