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From full beard to Imperial/Gunfighter moustache !

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by ukali1066, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. ukali1066

    ukali1066 Practically Family

    Some who read my previous thread will have seen I was mulling over doing this.....well I did...here's a before and after...






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  2. HeyMoe

    HeyMoe Practically Family

    awesome. Wish I could pull something like that off.
  3. You really do look good with the Imperial, brother!
  4. Dave E

    Dave E One of the Regulars

    That really suits you.
  5. Very nice. You have that whole Seth Bullock thing going on.
  6. ukali1066

    ukali1066 Practically Family

    Aww many thanks for the kind words chaps :)

    I was very relieved to not find a double chin under there....hadn't shaved since 1994
  7. Most of us should probably consider trying a style change more often than once every 16 years!
  8. Difficult look to pull off, but it definitely works for you. Makes you look a year or two younger than the full beard, actually.
  9. Gutshot

    Gutshot One of the Regulars

    I did this for a couple days a while back. I grew my goatee back out of habit, but I gotta say, I like the look. You pull if off better than I did I think.
  10. Aviator

    Aviator Familiar Face

    You totally pull that look off; looks sharper than a beard, IMO.

    See, that wasn't so painful? :)
  11. Looks fantastic on you! :eusa_clap Especially when you have that banded collar shirt & vest combo, it just fits. :eusa_clap
    Now, isn't it weird feeling after you removed the beard, you feel a perpetually cool draft on your chin?:)


  12. Looks great!

  13. bumphrey hogart

    bumphrey hogart One of the Regulars

    Nice one,tight jeans,pointy boots and waistcoats? Gotta be done!
  14. Chad Sanborn

    Chad Sanborn A-List Customer

    Thats awesome! Will you keep it for 16yrs?
  15. Gah.... late eighties / very early nineties flashbacks!!!!

    (I never had the facial hair, though....).
  16. Good stuff, Colonel.

    I think a change of look is way overlooked (ha!) in the vintage group. I'm all over the place hair and facial hair wise, myself. I just can't decide on what to do, I like so many looks. I'm currently at the short back and sides and soul patch, considering whether to grow my hair out again.

  17. Fantastic!!! I've been watching Deadwood for the fourth time, you could be Seth Bullock's twin.
  18. I thought the beard was cool, but that's a fine style of mustache! Cool sideburns too.
  19. Grow the hair out a bit, roll around in the dust and you might even affect the Matthew Quigley appearance. ;)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]



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