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German & Austrian Hutmachers

Discussion in 'Hats' started by mayserwegener, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Harv, Thanks! All is well. I hope with you too. We have to meet up in the new year.

    The Crown height is over 5 1/2 inches Open so not short. It could be the blocking. The brim is about 2 inches. Here is a photo of me wearing it.

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  2. moehawk

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    I found this Alpenland on eBay. I didn't know anything about the maker, but I do have a weakness for the wider brimmed green Trachtens, so I got it mostly for curiosity.
    It arrived yesterday. Here's pics.
    With pins


    I took off the pin and brush, the star pin fell apart. Both left deep marks on the felt.

    Inside and sticker


    No stamps or marks on the thin, green unreeded sweatband.


    The crown is a little over 5 1/4" high, 2 3/8" underwelt brim. 144g. The felt is thick, stiff and has a coarse hand. I thought maybe a wool blend, but I then checked the feel against some other fur felts and it feels similar to a couple I have. Still not ruling out the possibility that wool may be present.
    Not sure of the age. 50's maybe? Any input welcome!

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  3. steur

    steur One Too Many

    Nice find, Steve. I come across Rehfus hats now and again, but usually very small sizes.
  4. steur

    steur One Too Many

    Something I would skip right away if I saw the auction picture, but I must say that it looks quite good after you've shaped it, John.
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  5. moehawk

    moehawk My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Thanks Stefan!
    The auction pic actually looks a little better than mine...:) the first one I posted with the pins isn't good lighting.
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  6. With all these old ones being posted I almost hate post this here but it is really a nice hat. Sweat dated 1988.....so not old at all. Color is quite hard to capture but is what I would call a grey/blue.....Steel Grey maybe.......GREAT COLOR........not a color we do over here....took my crease well..... 2 1/2 inch bound brim, little over five inch open crown with 1 1/2 inch ribbon with wind cord. Originally sold at BATES Jermym Street - London SW1
    Nice hat.......
    20171208_182941.jpg 20171208_182827.jpg 20171208_182852.jpg 20171208_182819.jpg
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  7. That is a very nice looking newer production hat! Great color indeed.

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  8. Very nice hat for sure.
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  9. steur

    steur One Too Many

    Nice shape and colour. The later Hückel hats come in two flavours: the ones made by Tonak (this is one of them) and the ones made by Hückel Welheim. Very interesting brand history; Steve can tell you much more.
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