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girls in guy's garb

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by herringbonekid, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. But boy, the story was funny!
  2. "Dude looks like a lady" Areosmith

    The best dressed female has a little flavor of masculinity to her attire. The best dressed male has a little (and I mean a little) of femininity. Kathrine Hepburn pulled it off well. Annie Hall (Diane Keaton) didn't.

  3. Ying and Yang
  4. whistlebait

    whistlebait One of the Regulars

    It really is a delicate balance. It's really too bad that there is so much stigma--thus limitation of a man's color choices here in the US. It seems like a reversal of past notions of dress, with women now having more choices than ever.
  5. can you think of a good male example ?
  6. rubyredlocks

    rubyredlocks Practically Family

    Currently,nope noone comes to mind. From the past,I'd have to say Fred Astaire.
  7. Naama

    Naama Practically Family

    I just don't get it, is it such a shame to be feminin?

    And by the way, someone asked for examples: Oscar Wilde, Rudolph Valentino, maybe Quentin Crisp (yes he was weird but If he hadn't style who had it?)......

    Feminity is great, just don't be afraid of it! ;)

  8. Mr. Jude Law is the most obvious high exposure person right now ... Androgenous is the word.

    For example, the guys around here consider me too feminine for wearing floral motif shirts and pink neckerchiefs.

  9. nightandthecity

    nightandthecity Practically Family

    all the women I know swooned over Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribean and I'm sure it was the eye shadow that did it.

    I suppose all this is subjective, but personally I find completely butch men and overly frilly feminine women slightly disturbing. I could never fancy a Stepford Wife, that's for sure.
  10. That third photo down was of the silent film actress Louise Brooks from Beggars of Life, in which she played a young woman who had to disguise herself as a boy and ride the rails. Wallace Beery and Richard Arlen was also in it.

    From Brooks to Dietrich to Keaton's Annie Hall and today, drag has always played well in the movies.

    Most male drag on stage and in the movies has been for laughs, Charley's Aunt to Bird Cage, etc. When men dress like women, people laugh, unless, of course, there is something sinister in it. When women dress in drag on stage and in the movies, there is a serious tone to it.

    A huge dissertation could be written on why that is, but it has to do with power in society, who rules and who doesn't. Traditionally, women were viewed as the "weaker sex" and men did not like to see other men displaying that "weakness" or even be reminded that men have a feminine side.

    A woman can wear all sorts of men's clothes and styles, and not been seen as someone in drag. Not true of men. And, when men do wear something that is decidedly feminine in this day and age, it has better be from the most macho among them, i.e., a sports star. (When a football superstar wore earrings, my father couldn't criticize because the guy was obviously All Man.)

    The older I get, the more I think we are all curious creatures.

  11. nightandthecity

    nightandthecity Practically Family

    I think you're spot on Karol.

    In fact women can and do frequently wear actual mens clothes, not just male influenced clothes, and its acceptable.

    I am always a bit suspicious of guys who can't take "feminine" touches in male attire: as the bard and the good Baron have said "methinks they do protest too much". I've noticed with fancy dress occassions that the most overly butch-macho guys always seem to sieze the chance to wear drag.
  12. There's a long running (and constantly recurring) sequence of letters to the editor of the local student newspaper at Purdue regarding the sissy-boy nature of the colour pink. The authors basically think that there are certain colours that men should not wear. It even went so far that one such writer was threatening to beat up any man he saw wearing a pink shirt.

    Men are apparently meant to be "REAL men" (whatever that might be). Any deviation is seen as definite evidence of deviation. Hey, if they flex their muscles enough maybe sissy-men will stop wearing pink?

    I've never understood where the fear of femininity comes from. I can't think of any golden era movie star who didn't show some femininity. Even Clark Gable!

  13. nightandthecity

    nightandthecity Practically Family

    There are those who would probably class all of us here as "sissy boys" simply because of our excessive interest in clothes!

    Very suspect. Every red-blooded he-man knows REAL MEN ARE SLOBS!
  14. ...but jude doesn't actually wear anything feminine. you're talking more about his looks and mannerisms. it seems that men express what femininity they have in their behaviour rather than their clothing.

    ...i'm still interested to know if Marty M is talking about attire here.
    it generally seems to be the case that a little bit of 'femaleness' in behaviour is ok and reads as 'sensitivity' (e.g. johnny depp) whereas a bit of actual 'femaleness' in dress reads as 'gay' (e.g quentin crisp).

    (my original thread was about girl's dressed as men, but never mind)
  15. I wear some womens shirts. Just because there are few mens shirts off the peg that come small enough. And the local thrifts are brimming with decent standard cotton womens shirts ... The only difference from mens is the way the buttons fasten.

  16. BettyValentine

    BettyValentine A-List Customer

    I adore women in men's tailored suits. I think the male-role specialists in the Takarazuka are some of the chicest and most beautiful women in the world. I just ooze envy for the way they wear those trim suits. My inability to pull off that kind of androgyny is the great tragedy of my life. (Um. I've had a very sheltered life.)

    I think I just love the look on anyone. A well-fitting suit on a trim, leggy individual of any sex (with great hair) is just the most stylish thing in the world. Particularly with pinstripes. I'm a big sucker for pinstripes.

  17. My friend's and I in college had a term for these butch type guys, we called them "beefcakes"! They were the guys who went to frat parties and gave their friends high fives and banged their chests against each other. They were definitely fun to watch, and that's as far as it went. As far as I know girls want a guy who can carry himself in a pink shirt. A man can wear one, and even act a litlle (what you refer to) feminine. It is sad to me that things like wearing a girlie color, or maybe showing some iota of emotion is considered a "feminine trait", and can possibly label a man as less then manly. I know plenty of men who own pink oxfords, and they are men that I look up to, they are real men, strong and caring, and smart. They are in no way "sissy". One is even known to have a matching pink sweater to wear over his pink oxford, and he is still the strongest man I know. He's my dad! The other is Hemingway Jones. There are a lot of men in the world who should follow the example that they set every day when they walk out the door. I give my praise to all men who own up to owning a pink oxford. You are only a "sissy" if you own one and don't admit to it.

    "I think I just love the look on anyone. A well-fitting suit on a trim, leggy individual of any sex (with great hair) is just the most stylish thing in the world. Particularly with pinstripes. I'm a big sucker for pinstripes."
    I just love pinstripes too. I agree with you 100%
  18. There is no better looking woman than a cowgirl with a nice figure wearing Wrangler's, boots and a tight snap button shirt.
  19. Dude looks like a lady 2

    In answer to Herringbonekid's inquire about my earlier statement. A man who dresses with a little bit of femininty might from an obvious point have on a pink tie. Or a dress shirt in a pale shade of lavender. Perhaps a floral design on the tie. Maybe your pocket square is made from fine hand rolled Irish linen. Soft to the touch fabrics also echo what women like, and what I contend will play up to our feminine side. Women tend to know fabrics better then most men (except for you fella's reading this). They understand cashmeres and the "Super's" wools. To wear a soft black cashmere blazer or a super drapeable (new word) navy super 160's wool suit that has a royay blue window pane running through it, is a marvelous look of beauty. That to me is dressing like a man, but knowing that you're appealing to not only the lovelier sex, but also to a little bit of femininty in all of us. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go rent a John Wayne movie and replenish my masculinity.

  20. How many snaps?

    Biltmore Bob you've just elavated yourself higher on my "Hero's" scale.


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