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Discussion in 'The Display Case' started by bburtner@moran, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. Here's the pretty part.

  2. Oops sorry that's the back of the Guild,will resend the pretty part now.

  3. howardeye

    howardeye Practically Family

    A great sounding Taylor K22

    The best sounding Flatop I ever played!
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  4. Is that a Gibby SJ 200? I'd really like to have a vintage Humming Bird here,my buddy has a 64 but he doesn't play,it was his dad's.I had it here for a couple months to get some work done on it Gibson makes beautiful sounding instruments if you get the right ones.Again nice SJ
  5. howardeye

    howardeye Practically Family

    It is a SJ 200 Quilted Maple made in the 80's. A guy needed some money about 13 years ago and I got it real cheap like new. It is one in a million. The sound and sustain are amazing. Maybe that is why Elvis played one and so many others. I played over 100 guitars before I chose the Taylor for it's distinct sound. I would like a Humming Bird also but one from the 60's is pretty high priced as are the vintage Martins. Thanks
  6. Yea the Vintage Humming Bird runs up around $4000.00 and up as far as Martins go my guitar guy here in town has one I've played it,yes it has great sound and I know they say they're strong but it feels so light that I'd be worried about breaking it just by holding it and if I had to worry about it all the time it would probably stay in the case forget about banging on it like my cheap J&D Brothers or my Guild at least with a Gibson you can feel that they're solidly built,mind me asking what you paid for the 200?
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  7. howardeye

    howardeye Practically Family

    $1500 and he waited a couple of months for me to come up with it. I wasn't even looking for a Gibson. To me they are overbraced and the sound is muffled but not this one. Maybe it is the maple wood. I really don't know. My buddy's Artist Model SJ 200 sounds terrible. You are right about the right one. They all sound different.
  8. Yea that's definitely a good price those deals don't come along very often.Is it all maple or does it have the spruce top for that matter I'm not even sure if Gibson makes an all maple guitar?I know my Guild is all maple and has huge sound and a great sustain also,different wood equal different sound as I'm sure you're aware.
  9. howardeye

    howardeye Practically Family

    It is a spruce top. My acoustic guitar of choice is still a vintage Martin D-28 from the 30's before the plant burnt down. I would gladly trade one of my fedoras for one. I don't even need the case!
  10. Again like I said the one and only Martin I've ever played was my buddy's,great sound but just feels to light and I'd be afraid of damaging it if I had one as I'm such a graceful type of guy..not.You of course realize that's probably going to run you somewhere in the $20,000.00 and up range,you'd have to trade maybe 2 fedoras.
  11. howardeye

    howardeye Practically Family

    Actually for 2 fedoras you will have to throw in a Gibson Mastertone Banjo. An Earl Scruggs Model will be OK. Here is a pic of my electric 52 Tele. I play Lap steel, mandolin, saw, horns, and harmonica but my number 1 instrument is the drums. Vintage Ludwig and Rogers of course.

  13. howardeye

    howardeye Practically Family

    Yes it would. I love the smooth sound of of the hollow body especially the Gibsons.
  14. I mentioned on an earlier post that I wasn't sure if Gibson made or makes an all maple guitar do you have any recollection of such an animal?
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  15. Hobart Arms

    Hobart Arms New in Town

    How did I not know about this thread for so long!! I love old guitars and amps!! There are some nice guitars on this thread. Here is some of my sweet hearts. When I learn how to post pictures properly I will add some. for now...


    1963 Fender Duo Sonic
    1968 Gibson J-50
    50s Stella acoustic
    1997 Guild d4-nt


    1966 Fender Bassman
    1973 Fender Vibrolux
    1964 Silvertone 1484
    1960 Silvertone 1433
    1959 Carvin
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  17. Hobart Arms

    Hobart Arms New in Town

    @nice hat dude: Thanks pal! I will make a little account there so I can share photos with you all!
  18. Hobart Arms

    Hobart Arms New in Town

    Alright. I think I have pictures figured out.

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