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Hair Removal

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by ohairas, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. ohairas

    ohairas Call Me a Cab

    Has anyone had laser hair removal, or electrolosis? What did you think about the process and results?

    Anyone use one of those cheapo electrolosis gadgets at home?

  2. I had electrolysis a while back -- I'd always had a bit of fuzz on my upper lip that I got tired of bleaching and waxing and plucking, and finally decided to do something permanent about it.

    My electrologist was a real peach -- turned out to be a good friend who gave me a break on the cost, which helped a lot. Painwise, it took some getting used to -- some people need topical anaesthetic creme before they can stand it, but I was able to endure without too much problem, except for right under the nose. *That* hurt. I also had her work on my eyebrows a bit, and that did get a bit uncomfortable too, especially where the skin is really thin.

    Most zaps don't kill the hair the first time thru, because hair grows in cycles -- so you'll have to keep going for a while to clear everything you're trying to clear. But as far as I know, needle electrolysis is still the only method that's really truly permanent.
  3. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    I had a friend who had her leg and unerarm hair zapped. She loved the outcome, tells me about it whenever the topic (no pun intended) of hair comes up :rolleyes:

    Id do it too, but Id still be concerned about skin color reaction to specific processes. YOu should have nothing to worry about :)

  4. lindylady

    lindylady A-List Customer

    Lady Day, I remember reading something about a ruby laser that is recommended for dark skin tones. It has a lesser chance of causing keloidal scarring and such.
  5. GoldLeaf

    GoldLeaf Guest

    Laser hair removal is supposed to be a big thing. I hear ads on the raido all the time for something called Sona Med Spa. Just found the link http://www.sonamedspa.com/

    Supposed to be great. Who knows, never had it.
  6. ohairas

    ohairas Call Me a Cab

    I hear that laser is supposed to feel like rubber bands snapping on your skin. But it would get a lot more area at once, as where electolosis is one hair at a time, right?

    Yes, skin color can be worrisome.. I have a client who had her face done and had a very bad reaction.. all is clear now, but you know.. I forgot to ask her last time if the hair stopped growing or not, lol! People who know what they are doing are supposed to either turn the gadget down or use a special light for darker skin or whatever; but I have heard that only certain facilities have the special lights. And I definitely think I'd do a tester somewhere other than my face first!

  7. GoldLeaf

    GoldLeaf Guest

    I read on Sona's site that they have multiple lasers at each location and they specalize it to your skin. They have a bunch of locations across the country, rather than a small operation. I don't know if that makes them more or less reliable lol
  8. When I was looking into my own options, I came across an excellent hair removal resource -- http://www.hairfacts.com. Lots of reviews and information on different techniques and methods.

    Needle electro is indeed one hair at a time, but a good electrologist can cover a good sized area in an hour's session. Mine could clear my entire upper lip in about half an hour without missing a beat.
  9. I REALLY want to have this done but am saving hard for another procedure so electrolysis will come later. Please let us know if you have it done!
  10. Emmababy

    Emmababy One of the Regulars

  11. Eleanor Marie

    Eleanor Marie One of the Regulars


    I have thought about this too but will bleach for now. I have fine downy hair all over my face and removal just looks wierd on my top lip only!:eusa_doh:
  12. hotrod_elf

    hotrod_elf A-List Customer

    I'm right there with ya. I think I'm just stick with bleaching.
  13. It depends where it is, but I find they aren't joking when they say waxing inhibits regrowth. On my legs you can see the hard to reach spots where growth is thicker. I have thick, dark hair and it really is less noticeable.

    I don't think I trust laser hair removal. It's a bit James Bond, the thought of lying there with a laser pointed at me. But I'd have the bonus of paying for it too!
  14. Laser is very tricky -- I had a friend who did it and got poor results because her hair wasnt dark enough. But coarse, dark hair works well with laser -- the process works by basically cooking the pigment in the hair root, and the more pigment the better the result.
  15. Tough Cookie

    Tough Cookie One of the Regulars

    I've had laser hair removal done, and I love the results. Yes, I have fair skin with dark hair, so I am particularly well-suited for it.

    One thing that isn't really emphasized is that it's definitely a process, not a one-time deal. Apparantly every folicle grows two hairs which grow in cycles, so you have to have a minimum of two sessions to get them both, and frequently one needs a few more than that.

    Yes, it does feel like the rubber band. Fortunately my tech can go fast, so while it doesn't hurt less, it's over faster.

    Also, there is a short "recovery" time needed afterwards, so I wouldn't get it done and then leave on a cruise the next day (!). Ask me how I know...
  16. D-Day-Doll

    D-Day-Doll Familiar Face

    I am the lead clinician in a medical facility that specializes in pulsed light hair removal. I've had just about my whole body done and I am loving it! I was previously an electrologist prior to working with the IPL. I prefer the IPL since its ALOT less painful than electrolysis and covers a larger area much faster. If the hair is dark I would definitely recommend IPL, but if you're worried about blond hairs then electrolysis is your only option for permanent hair removal/reduction.

    If you have a facility nearby that uses IPL you should check it out. The IPL differs from lasers in many ways. The laser uses a single beam which is very direct and painful and only reaches follicles at one depth in the skin, whereas the IPL uses multiple wavelengths that reach the follicles at different depths. The handpieces we use are also alot larger than laser handpieces so treatments are faster. IPL also has a long pulsewidth (amount of time the energy is delivered over the skin) so pulses are more comfortable and safer for darker/tanned skin types.

    It does take multiple treatments to complete an area, on average about 10. At each treatment the anagen hairs in the hair growth cycle are permanently disabled and as the telogen hairs enter the anagen cycle its time for your next appointment.

    Hope that helps!
  17. I had a different kind of laser treatment. I have/had a large port wine stain (purple/reddish birthmark) that covered a good part of the left side of my face. From the time I was in the 7th grade through the 9th grade I was in a clinical trial for the Argon laser. At the time there were only 3 places in the world that had this kind of laser removal, I got lucky that there was one in Boston and being that I was in a clinical trial I didn't have to pay for it. Lucky also because it was about $500 a treatment and I went once a week for 3 years. Removing a birthmark is trickier than hair removal in that the birthmark involves many layers of skin. Anyway, I'm bringing this up because it did feel like rubber bands snapping against my face. For the first year I had it done they weren't using any topical anesthetic. I'm not gonna lie, it hurt like crazy, but then again I was just a kid and my perception of pain was different. About a year into it they started using a topical anesthetic, and this took all of the pain away. I could have a much larger area "zapped" and all I felt was a little pressure. The only place it did hurt was when they finally did my eyelid, at that time they couldn't put the numbing cream on that area. I think this has since changed. Anyway the use of a laser changed my life. I no longer have a large purple blotch covering half of my face. I have a small pinkish/reddish color only on my left temple, barely noticeable. After three years of missing one day of school for the treatments I stopped going, I could live with this small area.

    Well, I'm saying this because from experience I'm an advocate of the use of lasers. Whether for birthmark removal or hair removal, I think they are amazing. Just make sure you are going to a certified technician who is aware of things such as different skin tones, hair colors, hair coarseness. Like any major decision, do a lot of research. Also find out if it is possible to have a topical anesthetic applied before the treatment. If they do do this, make sure they leave it on for at least a half hour. The deeper layers of your skin take longer to numb, and an anesthetic will be useless if you don't numb these deeper layers. I myself have thought about doing this but even though I have very dark hair on my head the hair on the rest of my body is actually very fine and not all that noticeable. Although as embarrassing as this is to admit, I'm seriously contemplating the bikini area. Waxing is just getting really uncomfortable:eek:
  18. ohairas

    ohairas Call Me a Cab

    Lots of great info girls, thank you! I'm difinately going to go talk to someone. The bikini area is my first concern, lol! then the wiskers I'm getting on my chin!!

    Daisy, you were indeed a very lucky girl to be in the right place at the right time to get the free laser treatment on your face. Yay for you!

    I didn't know there were so many different kinds. I know that the hair grows in different cycles, which sucks. I told myself when I started losing weight that I would put back $10 for every pound lost to save for the process. Well, never kept up of course! A real pity as I would've had $770, wah!!

  19. Adelaidey

    Adelaidey One of the Regulars

    Hey D-Day-Doll, thanks so much for all the info... I've been wanting to look into permanent hair removal. I myself am in Chicago and 'burbs... where do you work, or what good facilities that do this IPL do you know of in the area?
  20. ohairas

    ohairas Call Me a Cab

    Well girls, I'm going to tomorrow for my first appointment! Wish me luck! I'm getting a bit noivous!!
    Bah-bye binkini and pit hair!!!

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