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Handsome Fellas!

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Lady Day, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    He looks so good, I'm swoonin'!

    I thought it was time we gave the gents some tips on how to 'doll' up for us.

    What type of vintage garb just floats your boat on the 'fairer' sex?

    French Cuffs :D

  2. skinnychik

    skinnychik One of the Regulars

    Suits! I love a man in a suit.
    I was drooling over the boys in "Rope" the other evening. Why don't men wear suits all the time & carry their cigarettes in gold cases these days? (Gun not a necessary accessory though)

    I agree with your French cuffs though...there's no reason they can't have those + a 3 piece suit.
  3. You wear the bullet bras and garter belts, and we'll wear the suits ;)

  4. AllaboutEve

    AllaboutEve Practically Family

    What a FANTASTIC pic.........I'll fight you for him.....;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
  5. Mike in Seattle

    Mike in Seattle My Mail is Forwarded Here

    As to the last half of your question, let's see...because everyone knows about all the different types of cancer smoking causes...because smoking is becoming illegal in more & more cities...because fewer people smoke anymore...and really, who wants to cuddle up to someone wearing a gorgeous double-breasted suit that reeks of stale cigarette smoke?
  6. AllaboutEve

    AllaboutEve Practically Family

    How about neatly groomed hair.....and well just being gorgeous
  7. Now Eve, you're being a naughty question ignorer. ;)

    Which "him" were you referring to in the photo from the movie Rope?

  8. AllaboutEve

    AllaboutEve Practically Family

    The him in the middle, Mr.Stewart......;) ;) ;)
  9. Aha! Thought so! lol

    You have excellent taste, Eve :eusa_clap

  10. AllaboutEve

    AllaboutEve Practically Family

    It's the old fashioned charm that does it for me.......:p
  11. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Fellas, shoo, shoo!

    Hey gents!

    Let the ladies answer the question! As of now, your inquiries out number the gal posts.

    Dont you WANT to know this informatiion?! ;)

  12. A really well-cut, well-fitting suit --- no saggy baggy off the rack jobs

    A crisp, starched white shirt

    A classy tie

    A fresh haircut and clean shave

    Well kept/well-shined shoes.

    And, of course, a well-shaped fedora to top it all off!
  13. No, I didn't think this thread was about me...

    ...but I am takin' notes! :)
  14. AllaboutEve

    AllaboutEve Practically Family


    Is this the sort of thing you had in mind Lizzie?
    I think a good aftershave/ cologne helps too.....something by Guerlain perhaps.
  15. Mrs. MK

    Mrs. MK New in Town


    I think guys look so cute in a white shirt, tweed slacks and suspenders. It gives him a bit of a vulnerable look...very sweet.

    Mrs. MK
  16. I love a nice suit, not one of those cheap shiny ones. I like a nice three piece suit (navy and brown pinstripe are my favorite), french cuffs and a pair of cufflinks that show a little whimsy are nice, a pair of suspenders are great, I like those better than belts, nice shoes that say, I care, but not TOO much are nice. LOVE facial hair, a nice goatee, but not over groomed is nice, a nice pocket square, and a great lid, that isn't TOO fancy looking (just a hint of a beater really tops it off nicely.
  17. Paisley

    Paisley I'll Lock Up

    For me, three words: quiet good taste. But without brains and class, the clothes don't mean a thing.

    This song reminds me of someone I saw three times a year and a half ago. I still feel warm and fuzzy every time I think of him:

    You don't live in a beautiful place
    You don't dress with the best of taste
    And nature didn't give you such a beautiful face
    But baby, you've got what it takes.

    You don't drive a big fine car
    You don't look like a movie star
    And on your money we won't get far
    But Baby, you've got what it takes.
  18. Caledonia

    Caledonia Practically Family

    Clean, fresh clothes that fit and work together as an outfit, whether it's a suit, sportswear, or rolled up sleeves and working trousers. Clean shaven to 3 day old stubble. Clean hair preferably short cut, but shoulder or beyond can look wonderful as long as it's not thinning, and is I reiterate clean. Neat fingernails, clean teeth, fresh-out-the-shower smell. Hat or no hat, just make sure it suits and is also clean (there is nothing worse than a greasy, dirty bunnet). Shoes - simple, classic (no brogues), or solid workwear, and it doesn't matter if its boots or shoes. And all that extra hair that grows from places hair shouldn't grow - off with it! But whatever style the guy chooses, gentlemanly charm and confidence give him that final edge. :)

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