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High Quality Sombreros?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Richard, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. Richard

    Richard Familiar Face

    Does anyone know of a source for high quality sombreros? Straw, not felt. Google doesn't seem to lead anywhere. I see lots of cheap sombreros, and the occasional fine one on ebay, but usually with issues.
  2. Do you live anywhere near Mexico?

  3. Richard

    Richard Familiar Face


    yes, not that far from the border, but I never leave the house to go shopping. it's just too arduous, involves time, sometimes gasoline. I only purchase by mail.
  4. Thanks, Bob for that website. Looks like there are some choices in their selection for Richard.

    Some better stores in Mexico would probably have them, too, but getting a custom sombrero, via the internet, might be the best way to go. You will get exactly what you want that way.

  5. Sunbody Hats are good. I ordered one for a customer who was having an authentic Mexican outfit made for Cowboy Action Shooting. I believe it was a 5-6" crown and an 8" brim.
  6. Roofs

    How does roofs have anything to do with this?

    When I was building my house another builder hired Spanish speaking roofers. He gave them all Sombreros. After 2 weeks they were gone not the roofer's but the Sombreros.

    The men now all wore Grueso hats. I asked one of the men and what i could gather the Sombreros hats were to heavy. So one of the men had his family send up Montecristi Grueso Panama hats.

    So if you want sun protection a Grueso is a great hiking hat or work hat.

    Just my opinion I've had both.


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