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Homecare & Cooking books.

Discussion in 'The Reading Room' started by MysteriousRed, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. MysteriousRed

    MysteriousRed New in Town

    Recently, I found two popular cookbooks from the earlier years. "Cooking for two" which was published the earliest 1909 clear to 1950's (in which my copy was printed.) "Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking" which was first published in the 1940's. (My copy is a 1950's re-print.) Something that I really liked about these books were the resourcefulness of the books instead of just pages and lists of recipes.

    It really kicked up my search for any sort of pre-1960's home-care and cooking resource books. Any that you've read and recommend?
  2. Wire9Vintage

    Wire9Vintage A-List Customer

    I collect such books, including vintage etiquette and health/beauty books. My favorite old cookbooks are the little advertising pamphlet books, especially one I have from the 30s for cakes by Swan's Down cake flour.

    Also, I just picked up The Lily Wallace New American Cook Book. I love the menus at the back as well as the war-time hints and tips.

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