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How to do the ribbon for a hatband

Discussion in 'Hats' started by GentlemanFarmer, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. HELP !!!!

    I'm doing a revision of an old brown Resistol cowboy hat (See "Stetson 4X to be given new life" thread) and need help with the ribbon hatband.

    Anyone have step by step instructions or a diagram?? I'm sure I can figure it out, but with all the experience around the Lounge I figured I'd ask.

    While I' asking doe assistance - Anyone know how to find (or have lying around) any Resistol hat pins?
  2. Art Fawcett

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    Hi Robin,
    I don't have any diagrams or instructions but am certainly happy to talk you through the process directly. Maybe you could put together a small instruction thread afterwards. Give me a call at your convenience.
  3. Rick Blaine

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  4. Lorne

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    Making a Ribbon


    I've actually done this, so let me try and talk you through it:

    1. Find the style of ribbon you'd like. The new stuff is synthetic, and isn't going to match the look of the old grosgrain ribbons, but it was all I could find.

    2. Here is where it gets experimental. Cut a length of ribbon, probably over 18" long, or as long as 24" (depends on the look you want) and fold it lengthwise. At the ends of the ribbon create two small folds (1/4 inch will do), both facing the same direction (this will become the backside of the ribbon). Use small stitches to hold the folds in place, iron-on no-stitch tape might work as well.

    3. Fold the ribbon lengthwise again, so you now have a shape made of four layers of ribbon.

    4. Fold the shape width-wise (its long axis). Using a needle and thread sew through the shape, about 1/8 to 1/4 inch from the folded edge. This will create the "waist" of the ribbon (><). You can then unfold the ribbon, and iron it under a damp rag to make it flatter and more "bow like".

    5. Take a swatch of your raw ribbon, and fold the edges in kind of like a "C" shape. Iron it flat. Then wrap the "C" shape around the waist of the bow to form the knot. Stitch the "C" shape closed over the waist of the bow, but don't sew it to the bow. Leave it as just a ring around the bow. Iron the entire thing under a damp towel to flatten it.

    6. Slip the ribbon you are going to be using as a hatband through the "C" shape that is now forming the knot. Once you have the ribbon in place around the hat, use small stitches to tack everything down, bow, knot, and ribbon.

    It takes a little trial and effort, but it works. I would say get 2 yards of ribbon, that way you will have more than enough for trial and error.

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  5. Thank you both for your help. I'll post the results over on the other thread.

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