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Indiana Jones V

Discussion in 'The Moving Picture' started by Tiki Tom, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. Tiki Tom

    Tiki Tom Practically Family

    Indiana Jones V

    It looks like Disney is going to reboot the Indiana Jones franchise.

    Where do you stand? The 2 basic camps seem to be (A) only Harrison Ford can play Indy, or (B) It is time to treat Indiana Jones like James Bond, using new actors as necessary. Personally, I'd buy a ticket either way.

    Although it will never happen, I'd kind of like to see a third option happen: That Harrison Ford play the role in 1 or 2 more movies but he plays it in an age appropriate way. i.e.- Indiana Jones acts like the professor he is and master-minds amazing adventures in a cerebral way from his book-lined study at a suitably ivy-overgrown university. That he picks out clues like an archaeological Sherlock Holmes, and then sends in his team of grad students to do the stunt work. (Presumably his grad students are sympathetic, quirky, fun, attractive, etc.) I'm not saying that Indy shouldn't appear at the dig site --or ancient lost city-- or that he shouldn't experience danger. Far from it! Only that he should reflect Indiana Jones in his 70s... a scenario where leading a team and using his noggin are more important than whip-work. Also more believable.

    My two cents. What's your view?

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  2. Works for me ! :)
  3. Benzadmiral

    Benzadmiral Call Me a Cab

    I love your idea. When we saw Prof. Jones at his university, he always reminded me of detective Ellery Queen anyway (and he and Ellery would have been contemporaries!), so I think this would work beautifully.
  4. I don't want to see Indiana Jones in a post-1957 world. Beyond that, it gets too far into an era where the cinematic traditions Indy pastiched don't carry, and I don't want to see them give him gadgets or make him a Bond, or a sidekick.

    The Indy stories I'd still like to see would be those in the era still left untouched by screen Indy: the years 1938-56, including his years working with the US military against the Nazis, what happened at the Roswell incident, and what he was doing in the early 50s.

    I'm not sure whether I don't want to see another actor playing Indy, or whether it's Disneyfied Indy I don't want to see...

    I'd give it a go, I think ,if they got a really good Harrison Ford impersonator (a la Karl Urban's imitation of Deforrest Kelly), but otherwise, no, let it rest.... Of course, Disney didn't buy the property to not make money out of it, so new films are inevitable. I just hope they can cut straight to Craig, without having to go through Lazenby, Moore, Dalton and Brosnan first. Inevitably, Indy will be just that little bit less cool if they can't manage that levle of quality and make-believe that it's Ford. I could have accepted somebody else in any of his roles, but Indy is just too indivisibly him to be anyone else. I don't believe for a minute it would have been half as good with Tom Sellick.
  5. Lazenby has unfairly been maligned as Bond. Frankly, he was as good as Connery, OHMSS has been reconsidered from a lost one-off to one of the better Bond films, and had the director not treated Lazenby like crap for not being a "real" actor, he'd have carried on. It's a myth that he was "fired" for a poor performance or low box office. It was planned and expected that he was the next Bond.

    Which would have meant in all probability - no Roger Moore...
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  6. B.

    Keep it in the 1930s/40s time frame in perpetuity.

  7. I'd take Lazenby any day over Moore.... but then I'd take a kick in the teeth on most days over sitting through a Roger Moore picture!
  8. I know someone who offers such services.

    Your safe word is "Octopussy"...
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  9. emigran

    emigran Practically Family

    I'd vote for a GE Indy in age appropriate garb and even a wannabe newbie replacement ... but I'm leery about how Disney is going to treat the whole thing...
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  10. The thing about Indy is that he's now so iconic, I doubt Disney will have any interest in the sort of reimagination that it would need to really work with someone else (otherwise, they'll only ever look like a Ford impersonator). I really can't conceive of it being somebody else, but maybe a reboot, with Indy wearing an Aero Royale, say, or something of that ilk, fighting Nazis and such, could work. I just think with Disney it'll be an unholy cash-in that is neither its own thing nor really something of the same. Who knows, though - they could surprise us all yet.
  11. I think the 'Star wars' fans were pretty pleased with Disney's version of the saga, so prehaps they will do an equally good job with 'Indy'.
    How about Chris Pratt playing the good Henry Walton Jones Jr. ?

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  12. Any new Indiana Jones film from Disney will follow their new Star Wars juggernaut template: replicate enough of the original feeling/plot points closely enough to please the vast majority of the audience and make a bundle... but disappoint more discerning fans with how uninspired and Xerox-like it is.
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  13. Bushman

    Bushman Call Me a Cab

    Plus, I doubt Disney will contract Spielberg. He's Universal's token producer/director. Universal is Disney's big competitor, too. Sad, because I believe Spielberg was one of the things that made those movies great. His in put would be sorely missed.
  14. Sigh.... here we go again!!!!! I was fresh out of the Army and back in school when Raiders hit! It was perfect, saw it 3 times. I was working in New Bern N.C. for Weyerhaeuser at that time. Everything worked (cept for going across the ocean on top of a Nazi sub... you know where would he hide when they resurfaced to charge the batteries?) for the most part and it harkened back to the "Spy Smasher" serials I saw on T.V. as a kid. Now... Disney's at it again.... Umbroyago!

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  15. Tiki Tom

    Tiki Tom Practically Family

    I was also straight out of the army and in University (using the new G.I. bill) AND simultaneously holding down a string of minimum wage jobs to pay rent. I worked everything from fast food to retail to working as a tour guide and many other weird jobs. Just thinking about full-time school & full time work now makes me tired. I actually ditched classes one morning to go see Indiana Jones ...then dashed right back to campus. During a hard and tedious stretch, it was a relief to escape into the comic book world of a 1930s rogue archaeologist. To this day I'm interested in archaeology. In my heart of hearts, I hope the new Indiana Jones movie(s) will remain in the late 1930s, when tramp steamer or DC-3 were the way to travel and when there were still blank spots on the map. That would require a new actor to play Indy.
  16. eugenesque

    eugenesque One of the Regulars

    A contemporary Indy seems slightly anachronistic. Agree that any new Indy films should be kept in the good old days.
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  17. I liked the new Star Wars, but then I've been describing myself as an "ex-Star Wars fan" since 1997... Its weak point was definitely its lack of originality, though. That and I could have lived without Han Solo being in it. Ford wasn't at all bad, but I don't think he brought anything to this one with his presence - whereas the original trilogy would have been nothing without him.

    I don't, as a rule, rate Spielberg - I find him overly schmaltzy and saccharine. It would be interesting to see another director's take, though, as much as anything to see what Spielberg brought to it. The big thing will be that anyone making a new one now is unlikely to be coming from the same place as Lucas and Spielberg, who were harkening back to the pulp seriels they watched as kids: inevitably, a younger director will be harkening back to the original Indy films, one step removed from their inspiration.

    They had a good go at modern day Indy with the National Treasure films. Entertaining enough, but I agree, any setting after 1957, the world is just too different a place for Indy.
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  18. Benzadmiral

    Benzadmiral Call Me a Cab

    Yes. His turn as the "alpha male" lead in Jurassic World put me very much in mind of IJ.
  19. Probably one of the front-runners; Chris Pine might be one they'll consider too.

    TBH, if they have to do it, I'd rather see an unknown cast in the role. Surely the Indy Brand is big enough not to require a 'name', as distinct from an actor who can do it justice without having the also be "a-list"?
  20. Blackthorn

    Blackthorn My Mail is Forwarded Here

    That's my opinion, too.

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