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List of Custom, made-to-order, Fur Felt Fedora hatmakers and hatters

Discussion in 'Hats' started by JonSolo, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. +1. I'd wear one, I think.
  2. KingAndrew

    KingAndrew A-List Customer

    I "wood" wear one, too :D
  3. If'n I had wood on my head, my wife would be right... I really would be a knot head.
  4. Intrigued by the wood hat!
  5. hatsRme

    hatsRme I'll Lock Up

    Did I somehow miss his price page? Although if I have to ask...
  6. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

  7. jlee562

    jlee562 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I don't think I'd wear one, but I'm certainly in awe of the craftsmanship.
  8. hatsRme

    hatsRme I'll Lock Up

    Another take on the age-old "Woody."
  9. ManofKent

    ManofKent My Mail is Forwarded Here

    The derby/bowler looks great.
  10. Leacock

    Leacock Familiar Face

    Wooden hats may be a tad fashion forward for me, but they are quite interesting works of art certainly.
  11. moehawk

    moehawk My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Are those hats fir felt?
  12. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

    Moehawk,they're turned wood.
  13. hatsRme

    hatsRme I'll Lock Up

    Fir felt is definitely an option, I'll bet. Easier to work than hickory....
  14. moehawk

    moehawk My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I guess my pun may have been too subtle for some, eh hatsRme?
  15. Blackthorn

    Blackthorn My Mail is Forwarded Here

    :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  16. hatsRme

    hatsRme I'll Lock Up

    Went right under 'em, Moe!
    Although one might need be (or end up) a knothead with such a lid. Goes against my grain...
  17. When playing with puns, you don't want to club them over the head. A gentle zetz is all that's needed. Let gravity do the rest.

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  18. moehawk

    moehawk My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Ok, maybe in the future I'll frame my puns like ths:
    Are those hats *dons sunglasses* fir felt? YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! (Fill in rest of CSI Miami theme)
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  19. deeoeraclea

    deeoeraclea New in Town

    translation petitgas:
    ehh the shop here was founded by Monsieur francois petitgas who was French and came here at the very young age of a 30 years money in eighteen hundred and fifty seven after he had worked as a trainee in the cities various hatters at the time among others one in gothersgade and so decided to open one here the 31st of april 1857 and most of the interior we are looking at is from his time the glass is from back then the cubbards are from back then there are a few modern things in here in the form of the boutiques clock the cash register and the led windows in swamp oak and then the glass ceiling which all comes from the modernization back in the 1890s and the whole property is under legal protection because of the shop and its front it began in 1997 when I decided to begin wearing a hat and back then the only place you could buy a mens hat was here so I went in and began conversing with mr Jensen kurt P. Jensen and found myself a brown felt hat this thing with the hats was kind of a cross between bernards interest for hats but also the fact that he was really nerdy about things and then there were also my part in this because I am a textile designer so you can say in a way everything went into a higher unit in the hatters shop ehmm so I left IVM in December back in 2012 there I became an assistant for mr Jensen so he could be allowed to close that year when you first arrive and open the door if you are unprepared you will go what is this
    that experience you only get once if you've seen pictures of it beforehand then you'll already be prepared for what is to come so its a lot of fun when those that just come in and stare or go I'm not here to buy anything I just wanted to have a look or I came here with my grandfather it is so joyful to watch an elderly lady stand with her grandchild in hand and tell she came here with her grandpa and now little baby chicken have to see the same its just fantastic 59kroner yes how does that feel well the size works good but when you say it like that then theres something else off right? well it is kinda when I get the thing on what do you think it was that it was that you just have to take a look now I'm just gonna come and test sizehere yeah that seems to be the right size and that is a 58 that is indeed a 58 but we could try a 59 have me adjust it a little so it becomes a 58.5 I think there's a finished movement in it and then when a customer stands in here and says wow that is exspensive and we try to correct to I can accept that you say its a lot of money but what you don't know is how many man hours goes into producing this thing yes it takes 7 weeks to make one of those but the thing is when you have seen someone make it then the price actually becomes rather cheap this here is the classic broad brim borsalino and we can just determen that they are very good with colours yes the colours are superb they know there colours so long as this is a hat then it will come from borsalinos rather hideous factory down in north Italy which is gonna make you say this place couldn't possible produce anything beautiful well they can and in there they have giant boxes on wheels which contains this light under fur of bunnies which is this fluff it doesn't even look like threads its finner than that it is equivelant to several kubic meters of dust bunnies and that is then processed by a serius of very old machines and some of them they'll proudly state that they have invented those themselves and you can only answer we never would have guessed they can be as long as a HT section bus and with the help of air and rather suptle movement which then allows the machinery to sort out all the lightest and finest hairs those that fly the longest inside this apparatus and it is a very long machine and over at the end there is a waterfall of the finest hairs it looks like they stick together but you touch them they fall apart and that will then be sent over to the next machine in the line which then uses a very large cone shaped vacuum inside a steel container to blow all of these fine hairs into a chamber it looks almost like a huge phonebooth and this cone is in the middle and it takes and sucks its filled with holes in a lot of hair and then blows all this fine stuff out using a bunch of small holes and the small stuff just lies down in a sheet over this cone and then a small amount of water on it and then you can just pull it off and begin felting and then one after another gets felted using water and heat and soap and hand power and hand power and power well yes they stand and with there short sleeves the sweat pours and rubber gloves it gets done they have there own colouring and there own reference cards like its so extreme everything happens there they just know fine and easy they can do it with it still being strong it is just raw delicious it is a long process all the way down to the sanding machines which are used to sand the hats to make sure that the hairs lay the same way in there direction to have them stretched in the right shape that just is impressive and when one has seen that it no longer becomes an exspensive hat it might be a lot of money just 3000 kroner (479dollar roughly ) there have gone so many man hours into it well then that was easy well its not like there are twenty two models that look somewhat like that one right right I think that is actually a good found when you put it like that is that jutlandish excitement? well this one is a bit wide don't you think well it is a bit wide so I shall properbly orient you about the shape of it its actually too small for you yeah it sits abit tide we should propebly move up a size yeah that's true thanks for the help I think ill head home now you too the panama hat came into being thanks to the construction of the panama canal because the works down there needed a light hat so panama hat actually comes from Ecuador and it is in fact not made from straw but from palm tree fibres which get cut in a very fine manner and is also dried cooked and the process is very long and some of what you pay for is how well it has been put together and I usually say everyone can fold a Christmas heart with two or three binds but what if it now was 336 then it requires needle and looper and pencet and lots of patience because you can always make hats of other fibres in this case hemp fibres and now I have to say all the other stuff has been taken out so there are only the fibres left but that gives you in exchange a very soft and flexible hat not that your to go around and crush but you can do it because now we have borsalino ones again they are very good with colours so something like this is becomes extremely sharp pretty little hat which is also soft not that it should be twisted or in any other way curled op but you can very quickly make three different hat styles just by altering the brim now we end up asking what sort person you'll want to appear like should I be sharp evening or the more welcoming maybe this soft way it is a super hat when borsalino puts itself to something then they are then they are second to none we'll explain to the customers that they are the worlds best hatters and that is a nice thing to be able to say with a stiff back and look theres a borsalino ones again they make it without artificial stuff like silicone 'enhancements' no nothing this is the last stop before no hat and it weighs what does it weight? nothing! the wildest are those made from master weavers and last time I checked there was only 12 of them left in the world and a master weaver can according to legend make 5 hats a year I haven't seen it myself so a years work is 5 hats and hats like that are sold long before they are even finished because people order them beforehand and I think the last price was and ill just quickly mention it hasn't been verified but it is somewhere around a hundred and twenty thousand dkk (19173.60 USD) the most important thing is for the hat to fit right a thing I like to do when it is really windy is to put my finger below the brim because then I get an early warning if the winds catch it but if they are really good like this borsalino here its a beaver felt and it has a storm line mounted on it so you can take it and attach it to a button or your jacket it can still blow off but it can not blow away and then there is this one with a little more edge and a little more wave then you can just tip it a little over and its actually not a lot that is needed right? its just a small amount in contrast to a complete side turn then you've should have stopped an hour ago this guy is 'tired' right? he needs to be helped home now and it is it is like you know that one we've sometimes talked about with the shirt buttons one is relaxed two is really relaxed three is infatuated with thyself and four five and beyond is a drunkard that should have gone home along time ago so small detailes can be everything that makes the diffirence between elegant and have a safe journey home
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