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Men who can cook.

Discussion in 'The Connoisseur' started by Lancealot, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. This conversation came up at work at was wondering what the ladies here think. How much of a turn on is a man that can cook. Really cook hamburger helper doesn't count.;)
  2. A guy who can cook is a lot of fun.

    A guy who can *clean up the kitchen after cooking* is a keeper!
  3. JazzBaby

    JazzBaby Practically Family

    I'm useless at cooking, so in my case it's necessary! But I do find it rather attractive, especially if he can whip up a nice Italian...

    My part: bringing the wine:D
  4. LadyDeWinter

    LadyDeWinter A-List Customer

    a man who can cook is very much of a turn on, such a guy is very attractive. I think more men should learn how to cook.:D
  5. Well I'd be happy to invite you ladies over for dinner.:)

    LizzieMaine since I live by myself I don't have much choice in who gets to clean up.
  6. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    I love to cook and do most of it here. I think I probably have about 50 cookbooks.
    And I clean up. :) The secret is to keep after it as you go.
  7. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    I love to see someone really into their craft. There is nothing like watching a fella debate in his head how much spice to put in the stew, or weather or not to add that little something to a special recipe. Its magic. :rolleyes:

    But as Lizzie said, if he can put on that apron and wash the pots and pans, he will always have my heart.

  8. Steve

    Steve Practically Family

    I cook fairly often, though generally not too fancy. But I do enjoy it.
  9. Novella

    Novella Practically Family

    If a guy can cook, that's great, but it doesn't set my heart a flutter. If cooking is a guy's passion and you can see that while he's at work that's a different story though. It's kind of what Lady Day said. I love to see the passion people have for their hobbies/work, whether it's putting together a meal, playing an instrument, crafting a story, whatever it may be. The passion is infectious!
  10. CanadaDoll

    CanadaDoll Practically Family

    The thought of a man who can cook is very appealing, and as the other ladies say one who can clean up too:D , I just don't know how happy I'd be with sharing MY kitchen!lol
  11. I love to cook.

    Cooking is a creative art, so I love to add my own touches to recipes I like.
    Insalada de Mare is one of my specialties. :essen:
    Cleaning up is easy if one does not make a huge mess of it to begin with, and having a dishwasher is huge plus. :D
  12. Father and I handle the cooking at home.
    Funny thing happened yesterday - The blender has been out of order for a while, and we needed some ground chicken. We put the blender's blades on a power drill, and it worked beautifully.
  13. Harp

    Harp I'll Lock Up

    Stuffed lobster and salmon; a chilled California white zinfandel; and
    Paganini: Violin Concerto #2, "La Campanella".

    And, I pull KP duty. :)
  14. Ah, a jug of bread a loaf of wine and thou.;)

    I make a mean Joe's Special. I can crack an egg one-handed and flip an omelet one-handed if I want to make it look cool even if it isn't that interesting a food.

    I definately do dishes but not windows.:D

    The Wolf
  15. I think most women do...

    I think women enjoy the novelty of it all. I regularily cook homemade dishes and bring them to work for potlucks (I work at a hospital). The responses from the nurses has been largely positive - so much so that I think that the majority of women like a guy who can cook. We quite enjoy discussing various dishes and techniques.

    Baking is my perferred speciality, although I am capable of doing entrees and side dishes as well. If you can master baking, most everything else is a piece of cake!
  16. I agree. That's what got the converstion brought up at work. I had brought in a cake for a potluck and the ladies I work with went crazy over it. They mentioned how some of there husbands cooked but wouldn't touch baking.
  17. patrick1987

    patrick1987 One of the Regulars

    I can cook. None of the girls my age I know can cook. [huh]
  18. Let's face it, fellas'n'gals: The Man Who Can Cook is just a modern variation on a very old theme – The Man of Competence.

    What's required of The Man? The ability to absorb complicated procedure, execute under pressure, and Deliver The Goods. Same as with a pilot, sportsman, doctor, banker...just in a different field. The square-jawed alpha-male do-er has just taken on a new, slightly metro plumage.

    Not so encouraging for us attention-deficit types, who have to get by on cleverness and charm. However, I clean up a kitchen like a champ. ;)
  19. patrick1987

    patrick1987 One of the Regulars

    Yeah, the girl who can't cook isn't cute or empowered, just hungry. :mad: The guy who can't cook must eat out a lot?
  20. vonwotan

    vonwotan Practically Family

    Another topic near and dear to my heart. My granfather taught my father, and my father taught me how to cook. Both did this out of passion in their free time, and not as a nightly chore. Some of my greatest memories are working in the kithchen with my father on those occasions when he was home; the night they allowed me to cater a business dinner and handed me a blank check for the coq-au-vin; and, some very animated discussions / competitions with my ex-girlfriend who was employed at Chanterell in NY at the time.

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