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Military 'woolly pully' sweaters

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by Ticklishchap, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Ticklishchap

    Ticklishchap Practically Family

    I know that (in the Northern Hemisphere at least), it might not be the best time to be posting about knitwear, but are there any fellow aficionados of the classic military commando sweater or 'woolly pully' (ribbed wool, patches at shoulders and elbows)?

    I have been wearing them since my schooldays and now have quite a collection in terms of colours: olive green, navy, air force blue, black, rifle green. ... It would be good to obtain one of the earliest versions, which were a light khaki colour I think.

    They are comfortable, breathable and durable, last for years and have a timeless quality. Do others on this site have such positive experiences of these sweaters?
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  2. MartyH

    MartyH New in Town

    Yes, in fact I have two navy sweaters.

    I like the patches/reinforcement on the elbows. One of them has a pocket on the upper arm, the other is military surplus and has (it seems) been owned by a brit named Thompson.
  3. Ticklishchap

    Ticklishchap Practically Family

    I also like the patches and reinforcements, and I love the turn-back cuffs. I have army and navy sweaters with pockets (penholders) on the upper arm. I also have an older army sweater that was military surplus - when I first acquired it, it seemed to smell of sweat and farts and had to be cleaned a number of times!
  4. I love them. I use them for hunting or just hiking in general. They're very comfortable and will keep you warm.
  5. Ticklishchap

    Ticklishchap Practically Family

    Agreed. Which colours do you have? My favourites are the olive green Army standard and the navy blue. They can be worn in both city and country with equal ease.
  6. Mine are all army/olive green. Dirt cheap from the local surplus store.
  7. Ticklishchap

    Ticklishchap Practically Family

    Are they UK made or manufactured locally in Norway?
  8. Chasseur

    Chasseur Call Me a Cab

    Another fan here!

    I've really enjoyed the military surplus ones, I've some French army ones that are great (and were cheap!). I have a few civilian/hunting ones but one problem I've had is that their have pretty open loops when knit so if you use them for hunting they get caught by branches and things... The military ones have a much small guage(?) on the knitting and don't hold catch things while in the woods.
  9. Ticklishchap

    Ticklishchap Practically Family

  10. Chasseur

    Chasseur Call Me a Cab

  11. The ones i have are British made.
  12. Ticklishchap

    Ticklishchap Practically Family

  13. Ticklishchap

    Ticklishchap Practically Family

    I ask because I know that the Norwegian army uses the same sweater and that they are popular in Norway.
  14. cptjeff

    cptjeff Practically Family

    LL Bean makes good ones- I only have one, it's maroon wool. Nice and warm.
  15. MB5

    MB5 One of the Regulars

    I have a Blue one I found at Goodwill by Brigade Quartermasters, and I believe it was made in the UK.
  16. Panache

    Panache A-List Customer

    I have one Enlish made V neck Wooly Pully (by "Brigade Quartmaster") in black and love it. The sweater looks great with the kilt as well as trousers.

    The wooly pully does a brilliant job of keeping you warm. The only issue I have is that the weather here in the Bay Area of California is seldom cold enough to warrant wearing it!


  17. Dinerman

    Dinerman Super Moderator Bartender

    There are always a bunch of them at the value village here, all Canadian issue, generally from the late '80s or early '90s, for under $5.

    They're great for layering- not bulky yet fairly warm.
  18. I have several; a blue v-neck which I believe to be British air force, a black crew neck from LL Bean and an olive drab which is Austrian.

    The Austrian sweater is thick, boiled wool and it's rarely cold enough to wear it, even in Minnesota. The wool is incredibly dense. Up to the mid 1980's the civilian version was sold in the US and called a Dachstein Sweaterl; cost at that time was nearly $200. At $25 these are a serious bargain.

    I'd like to get an olive crew neck style as well as the Norwegian style with the higher neck and thumb loops.
  19. Corto

    Corto A-List Customer

    I would say over the last...23 years I've owned about 3 or 4 of them. The original British made "Wooly Pully" that was sold by Brigade Quartermasters were always the best quality.

    Brigade used to sell one color per service (Army- black, Navy-dark blue, USAF-lt. blue, USMC- olive, and I believe there was a brown one as well) - but no longer. Does anyone know if the US military still has them as an official uniform item? In this day and age of polypropylene and tightening budgets I can't imagine they'd still exist.

    A quick Google search tantalized me that you can get an OD Brigade Wooly Pully on Amazon...but they're "currently unavailable" with no known date as to when they'll be back in stock (I'm guessing never). You can also get an acrylic official US Merchant Marine version at the Lighthouse Uniform Company.

    I currently own a 100% wool Navy blue version by Rothco (which I bought with much reservation) but it's thick, durable and (surprisingly) well made.

    I think "What Price Glory" sells a repro "Commando Sweater" with neck drawstring which was the forerunner of the modern Wooly Pully. You can see Daniel Craig sporting one in "Sword of Honour".
  20. Ticklishchap

    Ticklishchap Practically Family


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