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Modern Vintage Products

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by maisie, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. maisie

    maisie Practically Family

    After reading Retro Makeup: Techniques for Applying the Vintage Look by Lauren Rennells, which is an amazing book by the way with gorgeous photos and great tips, I have become interested in the products they used back then.

    Its interesting to see that there are still some products out there today that were created all those years ago and are still popular.

    I recently bought Max Factors Pan-Stik make- up in a tube first introduced in 1948 (the packing still look very smiliar to the ones shown in the Max Factor musuem, however packinging is now black and before they were cream colour, but the twist up design is still the same!). It is rather thick coverage (compared to today lighter foundations), which I expected as it gives a very matte look, and it has that great smell of old make up too!

    I have also bought the newly reintroduced Revlon Fire& Ice lipstick, originally introduced in 1952, which is an amazing bright red colour. Heres the original ad:

    And they have also brought back a pinky-red colour called Cherries in the Snow, again from the 1950s

    I was wondering if anyone had tried any other products on the market that were around years ago and are still going?
    Has anyone tried the Max Factor Pan-Cake makeup? They don't do it over here in the UK, but if it any good I was thinking of getting some from the drugstore.com


  2. Clabbergirl

    Clabbergirl One of the Regulars

    Thank you for sharing these ads! I am also interested in some of these tried-and-true cosmetics. Can't wait to see what others in the know will say.
  3. I just got to say, I love me some Cherries in the Snow. The first lipstick I ever bought. :) Thank you for posting this, I'll have to see what others say.
  4. bellabella327

    bellabella327 One of the Regulars

    I had tried Max Factor's Pan Cake foundation, and I love it. I just purchased it from drugstore.com a few days ago as I am scraping the sides to get product out.

    You have to use a sea sponge for application, not a regular sponge. That is how my mother-in-law taught me to use it as she was a dancer in the 50s and 60s, and my-o-my was she gorgeous. It pretty much makes your face even like a blank canvas. I have a great deal of red in my face, and it does an amazing job of evening it out

    I was skeptical as I am use to liquid foundations, but it leaves such a air-y finish you can hardly feel that it is on compared to Revlon's Colorstay, and nice for the coming summer months.
  5. angeljenny

    angeljenny A-List Customer

    I really want to try the old fashioned foundation! I can only find Max Factor's Pan Stick on eBay - it that a similar thing? There are Pan Cake ones on the US eBay but I don't know which shade I would be.

    I am NW15 in MAC foundation would I be Natural in Max Factor?
  6. maisie

    maisie Practically Family

    I was thinking exactly the same thing! I'm pale, normally ivory shades (creamy ivory in the Max Factor miracle touch foundation), but in the pan-cake makeup from the the US they only have neutral or tan shades?? I read somewhere that the shades look darker in the pot than on, but I don't want to look orange! So any ideas on how the shades work as I would love to get some from the US!
    On a side note I have a feeling I may have seen the pancake makeup in the pound shops over here?? They sometimes do discountinued makeup in there (still in the packinging), I will check it out the next time I' out! Fingers crossed!

    Oh also, I have recently bought the pan-stick makeup, its different because the cake is a cake form and you use water to ativate it, and the pan-stik is stick form and use just apply it straight from the stick. I havent used it much, but from when I have its seems to give good coverage. Its only £6 or something to, so alot cheaper than most foundations these days! However one thing is is not very fluid, and having used modern foundations this is very different to use! That one thing that draws me to the pan-cake makeup, the fact that it is applied with a sponge and looks easier to apply.
  7. DigThatBeat

    DigThatBeat Familiar Face

    A lot of Revlon's Moondrops shades from the 60s are still around.
    24k Orange
    Crystal Cut Coral
    Snowsilver Rose
    Apple Polish
    Sugar Poppy
    Mirrored Mauve
    Persian Melon

    And I think Love That Red was first released in the early 50s.
  8. I am beyond jealous. I know i can't use the pan stick due to the limited color range. I can't truely tell if i can use the pan cake for the same reason. the deepest color is "tan".

    i used the pan stick in beauty school and it was nothing short of amazing.
  9. bellabella327

    bellabella327 One of the Regulars

    According to the ladies at mac, I am a nc20. I think I am actually a mix between 15 and 20, and I use Max Factor's Pan Cake in Natural Number 2. As stated above, I have a lot of red in my face, and the orange tone of it helps to tone it down leaving me a blank canvas. If you are extremely fair (Dita fair) it will probably be too dark for you.

    I know it sounds weird, but the sorta 'peachy' colors seen on the old MF posters is what the colors remind me of...

    Now I don't mean for it to sound like the color is orange, but a natural color...NOT "translucent" pale.

    Has anyone else used any of the other MF PC foundations besides Natural Number 2? I would like to know what other colors compare?
  10. Christi.adell

    Christi.adell One of the Regulars

    Does anyone know if the Pancake color Amber Rose is the lightest color? It's the first one listed but it's so hard to tell the colors online. I always wear the lightest pinkish foundation possible. Any info would be appreciated.
  11. Clabbergirl

    Clabbergirl One of the Regulars

    Have a link to reviews of the Max Factor pancake makeup on Makeupalley.

    And one for the pan-stick. You might find info about the shades in these.
  12. Olive Twist

    Olive Twist New in Town

    Three cheers for Revlon lipstick! Cherries in the Snow and Love That Red are magnificent. Fire and Ice is too coral for me.
    I'd love to try the Pan Stick but I'm too difficult to color match without testers.
  13. lareine

    lareine A-List Customer

    Interestingly, Lipcote is a vintage product that is still made today -- it came out in the 1950s. Until recently I assumed it was a modern invention.
  14. maisie

    maisie Practically Family

    Wow, love that advert! I thought it was more modern too. Lipcote is such a great product that really does work, no wonder its been round for so long!
  15. Ok, not to take this thread off track, but is lipcote a lip gloss? Does it really help keep your lipstick on? Where would I get it (drugstore, special order, etc.)?

    My lipstick is always wearing off, mainly because I drink so much tea throughout the day.
  16. Tishkaminx

    Tishkaminx One of the Regulars

    Max factor pancake- natural 1 has yellow undertones and natural 2 has pink undertones. It is a powder/liquid foundation that dries to a powder finish. It was discontinued a while ago.

    The panstick is a cream foundation (as opposed to liquid). It is full-cover.

    I bought 2 in natural 2- but unfortunatly the shade is too dark for me - MAC NW10-15 (pink undertones). I liked the finish though. Sadly they are just sat in the drawer now.

    I use MAC studiostick cream foundation and MAC studiotech cream foundation. For powder foundation I have MAC studiofinish and Studio careblend powder.

    MAC's undertones are:

    NC (Neautral cool) 80% Icy yellow undertones, 20% orange-red undertones
    NW (Neutral warm) 80% orange-red undertones, 20% icy yellow undertones

    There is some confusion about MACs system as for most brands yellow is warm and pink is cool- but MAC uses cool icy yellow and warm orange-red where as other compnaies use cool blue/mauve pink and warm golden yellow undertones.

    I'd actually love to find a range with very pale cool blue/mauve pink tones but i can't find one pale enough for NW10. i usually mix white liquid or cream foundation with the palest to get my shade.

    I have Revlon Fire & Ice lipstick but Cherries in the Snow is an all time favourite.
  17. bellabella327

    bellabella327 One of the Regulars

    Tishkamnix - thanks for the clarification on the MF pancake!
  18. lareine

    lareine A-List Customer

    It's not a gloss. You paint it on over your lipstick and it really helps to keep the lipstick in place. It does have a slight mattifying effect so shouldn't be used over lipstick if you want a glossy look. I got mine from Boots in the UK but they don't ship outside the UK -- you could probably get it on eBay or have someone in the UK post it to you if it's not available in other countries.
  19. angeljenny

    angeljenny A-List Customer

    I have tried it before and must have done something wrong as it sort of peeled off in little bits! Not sure what I did but it would be fab if it did work as my lipstick disappears!
  20. Tishkaminx

    Tishkaminx One of the Regulars

    Lipcote flaked off on me too :( It also stung a little bit on application, which I hear is quite common.

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