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Murder on the Orient Express 2017 version

Discussion in 'The Moving Picture' started by Benny Holiday, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. Hmmm, what think ye, Loungers? My daughter's keen to dig it, but I can't get past David Suchet as Poirot; I can't imagine anyone capturing the character better, right down to the small inflections and the little OCD touches. There's still the period setting to admire, I suppose, but the story's been done enough times before . . . I don't know.

    Then there is that moustache wearing Kenneth Branagh . . .
  2. GHT

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    You must be psychic Benny, click on this thread and scroll down.
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  3. I, too, have trouble imagining anyone other than Suchet as Poirot. Interestingly, of this list - http://www.imdb.com/list/ls008675347/ - I only recall Ustinov. It's much like only being able to see Joan Hickson as Miss Marple.... I'll give it a go, all the same. Maybe not in the cinema, but it certainly looks beautiful from all the press I've seen.
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  4. Benzadmiral

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    If audiences still like classic murder mysteries done in the grand style (and I think they would, if the film is done right), there are loads of Golden Age and 1940s-50s whodunits other than Agatha Christie's that could be filmed. There are plenty of Ellery Queen novels that would make good films. Then there's John Dickson Carr (though the impossible crime is sometimes tricky to explain on film); maybe Josephine Tey; Rex Stout's Murder By the Book; Helen McCloy's Cue for Murder; maybe E.C. Bentley's pre-World War I Trent's Last Case (which would be a remake, as Michael Wilding starred in a version in the Fifties).
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  5. Suchet only last played him on television in 2013, thoughI don't think there's been a big screen version of any sort since 1987ish. I can't see Suchet wanting to do it again, as the TV how he did covered all the Poirot books already.

    Whatmight be interesting is that if this one is a success, they might bring to the big screen the "new"Poirot book that was written a couple of years ago.
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  6. That cufflink and clip set are a great souvenir of your trip GHT! Very nice indeed. We must be on the same wavelength for sure.
  7. Big J

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    I'm looking forward to seeing this.

    David Suchet will always 'be' Poirot for me; his got it all, and is a dandy.

    But the adaptation of MOTOE featuring Suchet as Poirot seemed strangely 'off key' for me. I'm used to Suchet's Poirot being, well, 'warmer', but his MOTOE was just so cold and bleak. I don't just mean frosted windows and steaming clouds of breath (although it had those) but Poirot himself was totally joyless and lacking in the pleasure he usually seems to derive from the mental exercise combined with morality of his pursuit. There's a bleakness to him as a character there- he seems old, tired, jaded. The whole thing starts with a woman being publicly stoned to death. Very dark. It's like the 'noir' version. Very clever.

    Ustinov' MOTOE is conversely a jolly romp 'who dunnit' with a star studded cast, warm lighting, and soft focus. Ustinov is slightly too buffoonish to be a great Poirot IMHO.

    For a rainy Sunday afternoon on the sofa with a hot cup of tea and my wife: Ustinov's adaptation.

    Late night by myself with a bourbon: Suchet's dark side.
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  8. I'm with you all the way Big J. I found the Suchet MOTOE very dark as well. I'm getting more curious about the Branagh version as the release date approaches though. What we need, ol' pal, is to have a few bourbons while watching and discussing the finer point's of Suchet's noir, while we let the wives chat about stuff they like to chat about. You're only a 12 hour flight away! lol
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  9. Big J

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    Benny, I reckon you could get over here, and get back in one weekend! No problem.
    I'm looking forward to the Branagh version as well. Went to see Alien Covenant a couple of weeks ago, and they showed the trailer for MOTOE, and it really took me by surprise. I love a good who dunnit, even when I know who did it!
    Riding the Orient Express is on my bucket list for when the kids grow up.
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  10. Harris HTM

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    Hmmm. I think that the best adaptation of MOTOE is the 1974 movie with Albert Finney as Poirot and more than 5 top actors (Connery, Bacall, Perkins, Bergman, Redgrave). I will happily go and see the 2017 version.
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  11. Saw it on the weekend and frankly I just enjoyed it for the period setting. It's interesting to see how Mr Branagh portrayed Poirot, in that he certainly wouldn't have wanted to do a David Suchet impression, though that is the most accurate to the character in the books. Gone is the portly Poirot and the funny walk, though the OCD is still evident.

    I found it a competent handling of the story, all the movie versions differ from the original story to some degree and this one has its own variations. There is a hint at the end, well it sounded like one to me, that Mr Branagh might be interested in doing a new version of Death on the Nile.

    My new hope is that the costuming might influence current men's fashions a bit and start to erode this hideous too-tight, too-skinny suit trend with half-inch wide lapels that's dominated the industry these last too many years.
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