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Discussion in 'Merchants' started by muselladembech, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. Ciao a tutti,

    Sixty-two years have been passed since my father at the age of 9, started his apprenticeship by the old Napoletan master tailors in Caserta. Then some years later in Milano, working with Colavito, heir of the milanese school of Cesare Tosi's, and for many years after the great and most important Sartoria Caraceni made him the so called “Sarto Finito”. During many years of experience apprenticeships with master tailors, he would learn their secrets and recognize the differences by putting the best and his own creativity together. He became one of the old masters of the revolutionary Milanese method and of a trade now forgotten.

    Today, after years of studying and learning, I follow the steps of my father continuing the Milanese school dynasty and to bring the old trade to light as it was made, step by step all hand-stitched, sewed and cut by hand as many years ago.

    We don't follow any style, just our own style, this is what we are going to give to any of our customers.

    Gianfrancesco Musella Dembech

    Website: http://muselladembechmilano.com/
  2. Winter is near and it’s time to put away the summer wardrobe and be ready with style and elegance for the freeze and cold. So, what I’m wearing here is a cachemire paletot with peak lapels (worsted cachemire fabric by Holland & Sherry) over a dark maroon herringbone wool SB jacket, jeans, dainite sole shoes and Maglia Milano 1854 umbrella with macassar ebony handle, silk scarf by Jim Thompson.

    (I don't know how to post pictures here! but you can find them here: http://muselladembech.wordpress.com/)
  3. Musella Dembech Milano - Linen DB


    Granular linen DB work in progress

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