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My first project

Discussion in 'Hats' started by maintcoder, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. maintcoder

    maintcoder A-List Customer

    After seeing Shamus remake a recent purchase, I decided to give it a try myself. I recently won these two auctions -
    Brown Stetson
    Grey Stetson

    The brown hat only needed a bit of cleaning. It is of newer vintage as the liner is glued in and I have been wearing it today. I am pretty happy with the purchase.

    But the grey hat looked like this when I received it yesterday (I turned the brim up)...


    and my daughter said I looked like Rocky from Looney Tunes when I tried it on.

    After a good brushing and a bit of steaming, this was the result...

    Let me know what you ladies and gentlemen think. I would appreciate any comments, suggestions, tips or tricks for this type of project. I am unsure this is the right hat for this type of project due to the curl and ribbon on the brim.

  2. indyguy

    indyguy New in Town


    I believe the stetson is actually a homburg instead of a fedora.
  3. epic610

    epic610 One of the Regulars

    i agree

    what it looks like you got was a gorgeous grey homburg. re-curl the brim, add a center dent and you are in business.
  4. shamus

    shamus Suspended

    Nice buys!

    I also think that grey one might look better as a homburg as the rim edge is so thick. The felt looks really soft in the pics. Does it have a model name?

    But that aside, you did a great job with the tea kettle! I never realize how easy it is to do. It makes you look at old crumpled up hats with a different eye doesn't it.

    I actually did a light touch up on my open road, to match Jimmy's from the FBI story.

    What size are you? I just picked up another Open road in a 7 1/4 long oval. I should get it next week.
  5. Nice job on the gray "Rocky" hat! :fedora: Amazing what a little brushing and steaming can accomplish.
  6. I'm with epic610 and shamus on this one, maintcoder. That grey Homburg begs for a Homburg edge and a center bash. I have a nice black Knox Homburg I very rarely wear because the brim bends up too much at the sides to suit the shape of my face. I like the look of the brim on yours in the "before" shots, and I'm hoping to hear from someone here on how I can make mine like it--flatter all around while maintaining the uniform edge curl.
    Judging by that photo in your avatar, I'm guessing you'd look quite distinguished in a grey Homburg. I vote for giving it a try that way--with the brim turned up all around and just a straight bash down the center of the crown.
  7. maintcoder

    maintcoder A-List Customer


    Thanks for the help, everyone. I wasn't totally sure if one hat could be 'switched' into another (like some western hats can be remade into fedoras). The hat itself does seem to have a desire to have the brim up. I will re-steam it today or tomorrow into a homburg shape and see how it goes.

    Shamus, I am a 7 1/4 also. I look forward to seeing the new Open Road when you finish it. And the model name on the grey hat is Royal De Luxe Stetson St. Regis. I couldn't much information regarding that model, but perhaps others here have better resources than just a simple google search.
  8. I have a couple St. Regis homburgs, and I see them online off and on with the brim curled down like on the ebay listing. I think sellers do it because they don't think the Homburgs will catch a good price, and many just don't know any better and figure it is a fedora and try to snap the brim down.

    If you want to re-homburg the hat I suggest you send it to a hatter who has the correct equipment to curl the brim up the way it was originally.

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