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My modified Cafe Racer

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by GriffDeLaGriff, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. GriffDeLaGriff

    GriffDeLaGriff One Too Many

    After owning my CafeRacer for more then a year there were some things I wasn´t perfectly happy with so I emailed Amanda about these mods:

    x Shortening the jacket back - It was just at the length of my backpockets so it grabbed them when walking, it annoyed me.

    x Changing the back to a 1-piece back - even tho I love the looks of the bi-swing, it was too cluttered and since I dont ride (and its a summer jacket) I wanted it cleaner and with less leather.

    x Changing the arms to 2-panel arms - Makes it look cleaner

    x Lining the arms with satin - i was set out to make an indestructible jacket but the cotton drill was more grabby then I wanted

    After looking at these mods Amanda said it would cost too much, so I settled with changing the back panel and shortening it.
    It took a long time to get it back but here is the result:

    Before picture:

    After: (ignore my silly stance)
    Alot cleaner huh? :)
    I want to point out that I wear different cut jeans in the pictures, the jacket isnt as much shorter as it looks, maybe only half an inch.

    Aero did an unreal job, there is no sign of the changing of the back panel! I almost cant believe how nice it came out. This is work and precision of a master!
    I also think I got an even nicer backpanel this time, its not as wrinkled and somewhat thicker (so it needs some breaking in) but it still has veins and alot of character.

    The only marks I got was from shortening it. I knew this from the start and I was (and am) ok with it. Nobody would notice it normally:

    This is on the bottom of the sidepanel and it is the same on both sides. My old back was actually longer then the front and it could be seen very clear when laying out the jacket flat on the ground. Now it is more even.

    They charged me £80 for it (plus shipping) and they sent back the old back panel along with the jacket. Did you know there is stretchy bands behind the panel?
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  2. xt40

    xt40 Familiar Face

    that was a very fair price. well done aero.
    ive a g1 and it also has elastic at armpit level to keep the bi-swing from puffing out too much
  3. CeeDee

    CeeDee New in Town

    Much, much better looking back. Those cape like full action backs don't look all that great. Congratulations! I do agree with you about the bottom hem. No one will notice that. It's just where the old topstitching was, I believe.
  4. GriffDeLaGriff

    GriffDeLaGriff One Too Many

    Yes as I said the old back was longer in the back so the jacket looked like this \_/ (exaggerated) the front panels were straight but the side panels were diagonal and then the mid back was straight, so this is why the old stitch holes goes diagonal. The jacket from front to back is much straighter now.

    The full bi swing is very comfortable for driving and reaching stuff so for a useful jacket (on a bike) I would think it is a really nice feature.
    For casual street, I agree its better without.
  5. dortiz

    dortiz One of the Regulars

    Its totally a perconal choice but I also hated the action back and love the plain back they did for me. I ride and its fine on a cruiser anyway.
    So obviously I think it looks way better : )
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2012
  6. Bonneville

    Bonneville One of the Regulars

    Great job, great jacket. The two panel sleeves are much nicer looking IMHO.

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