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New Buttoned Aero Leather??

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by majormajor, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. majormajor

    majormajor One Too Many

    Just been doodling in Photoshop.

    I'm thinking I'd like a buttoned FQHH for my next Aero Jacket.

    They currently don't seem to do one (other than John Lever's excellent Radjacke, which is just a touch too radical for me).

    Here's a mock up.

    I don't ride a bike - the idea is for a close fitting jacket worn with the bottom button undone and the belt unbuckled (comfier for sitting down in the pub!)

    Thoughts and suggestions, both positive and negative, welcomed:D;)

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  2. nick123

    nick123 I'll Lock Up

    Those are some pretty good photoshop skills!
  3. philosophy101

    philosophy101 A-List Customer

  4. rocketeer

    rocketeer Call Me a Cab

    Looks like a Trail Rider with buttons. Not bad, I reckon they would make you one if you asked nice.
  5. I'd like to see how a button fastening halfbelt would turn out. A good choice might be the Twenties halfbelt model that Aero have prototyped, but not (yet) put into production. Alternatively, their A1 modified with an A2 collar would be nice. I'm sure they'll create something to replace the Stuart (one of Will's designs, I believe?) once they're on top of their back orders. With regards to the photo-shopped picture above, I'd lose the half belt. Something about combining that with buttons looks wrong to my eye, especially if the jacket i closed but it is worn open. Side buckles would be better.
  6. Fanch

    Fanch I'll Lock Up

    A much better alternative might be a Teamster cut much shorter in body length, maybe approaching that of the Stuart. IMO an understated look is generally best, at least for my taste. Not saying that I don't like what you are showing us but not saying that I do either!)
  7. Graemsay

    Graemsay Practically Family

    MajorMajor, rather than basing your jacket on a Trail Rider, why not consider the Route 66 instead?

    Aero don't have particularly good photos on their site, but Kentaurus do. It's quite a trim jacket, so probably a similar cut to the Trail Rider. If you lost the chest pocket and added button cuffs then it'd be similar to what Edward was proposing.


    I had a double breasted Cossack, more pictures in the Broken-In FQHH thread. That was a custom build, and I'm not sure how much of that sort of thing that Ken is doing these days.


    If you are going for an all-buttoned style then I'd suggest finding a haberdashers to source your own buttons. Those on my old jacket came from MacCulloch and Wallis.
  8. Sloan1874

    Sloan1874 I'll Lock Up

    I actually think they pictures in the sale sections have improved hugely. They're closer to the type you see on the Japanese websites, and you get a real sense of the colour and fit of the jacket. It's a tricky art though, that's for sure.
  9. dmdmorris

    dmdmorris One of the Regulars

    Major, I really like it. Very Nice! My only concern is that if it is made of a heavy FQHH as Aero is known for, it may take some time before one could easily fasten the buttons. But that just might be the "burden" you bear for a gorgeous jacket like this. Also, I vote for an interior pocket of some sort.

  10. The best website for pictures is John's Goodwear site, which shows each jacket being worn by the same person with information on his measurements and those of the jackets for fit comparison. I imagine that's an easier thing to do, though, with a range that is mostly the same basic design and that has been built up over time, rather than Aero starting from scratch with their large catalogue with widely varying fits as is now the case. The Aero site is far and away better now though that it used to be in terms of pictures of details, etc. Would be nice though to be able to see more of the jackets being worn in order to gauge fit.
  11. Hammer Down

    Hammer Down One of the Regulars

    For your altered design, also perhaps buttons on the cuffs
  12. majormajor

    majormajor One Too Many

    Oh yes. Definitely button cuffs!

    I'll pop some more versions up later:D;)
  13. Cooperson

    Cooperson One Too Many

    I doubt if Aero would entertain such a radical mod, given their recent stance on maintaining traditional patterns - worth a go though!
  14. majormajor

    majormajor One Too Many

    You could be right my friend. Which would (could) be very sad.:eusa_doh:
  15. majormajor

    majormajor One Too Many

    Here's one based on the Route66:

  16. I'd just ask Aero to make a 30's half belt or a 50's half belt with buttons. 30's half belt with buttons is pretty much the Stuart. To me the boxy stuff does not go so well with buttons, but then again, I am biased as I have a Stuart as by far my favorite leather jacket...
  17. Graemsay

    Graemsay Practically Family

    Majormajor, I like both iterations, but I think that the Route 66 looks the better of the two because it's cleaner.

    I've tweaked the Photoshop version, with two further iterations. The first loses the chest pocket, and the second loses all pockets.


    I'm allergic to chest pockets, so I'd be inclined to remove it. But I'd also consider losing the handwarmers too, and install a pair of internal ones instead. Aero Leather Japan have a minimalist Cafe Racer in their gallery which is done this way.
  18. majormajor

    majormajor One Too Many

    Here's my latest rendition.

    I know what you mean about minimalist, but I need a set of handwarmers (a nice alternative to the A2s).

    This is based on John Lever's Radjacke - I guess that name stands for "radical jacket" - so here is my "Unradjacke".....:D;)

  19. rocketeer

    rocketeer Call Me a Cab

    So why not wait until everything is straightened out at Aero, then give them a call. Do it now and it will probably go on a back burner.
    just my thoughts
  20. majormajor

    majormajor One Too Many

    Hi Rocketeer,

    As I've already mentioned elsewhere (and got cribbed for saying it) I'm not ordering anything from Aero until the New Year at the earliest.

    Just looking for input on the style at the mo;)

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