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New house A-2 from Bill Kelso

Discussion in 'Merchants' started by andyfalzon, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. At Bill Kelso's we are upgrading the house model Bill Kelso 29971 A-2 jacket.
    There has never been an entry level (budget) A-2 jacket with this accuracy and detail.

    Photos will be uploaded on the website soon
    but I can give you a sneak peak.




    I think the images speak for themselves.
  2. alec0226

    alec0226 New in Town

    The price will go up?
  3. The new jacket is now available to from the website with various photgraphs to see.
    The price will go up eventually sometime next year, depending on the prices of leathers worldwide.
  4. Hey, Bill. LOVE the name. I was just watching "1941" on cable a week or so ago. Laughed out loud when I saw your name of the Belushi character. What a funny flick. Best wishes.
  5. Looks pretty good in the pics. Need to save some cash for this one!

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