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Northwest Hats, Eugene, Ore.

Discussion in 'Hats' started by mikespens, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. DanO

    DanO One of the Regulars

    The description was:"Rabbit felt, Charcoal Flecked (Fepsa) color"
    The hat is great (super soft) and the color is fantastic!
  2. Congratulations, that is one fine hat. Love that felt. Mike and I were talking about Fepsa felt in my future.
  3. IsaacRN

    IsaacRN One of the Regulars

    That is a great looking hat. Tempting to have one created for myself.
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  4. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

    Nice pick up,congrats.
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  5. DanO

    DanO One of the Regulars

    I was wearing the hat today, in a low lit restaurant and the wife said you should have worn your new brown hat (since I was wearing a rust colored shirt) I said I am she said it was gray, lol. 20180111_163419.jpg
  6. What are his delivery times for custom hats?
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  7. I just went to Northwest's website and was shocked to see how much the prices went up from what they were a month ago.
    Example; Panama hats: old $100. New $185, beaver fedoras: old $250. New $325.

    I'm not saying they aren't worth what he's charging and if his expenses have increased it's only fair that he passes them on but.... The increases are enough to make me look around at other hatters. I still might order another from Mike, but they no longer seem to be the great bargain they were just a few weeks ago. Then again, my Stetson Ten used to cost $10. Inflation is a fact if life.
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  8. When I was there last week, Mike had a pile of orders on his desk about 2" high. Probably 100 or so. He has a queue about 3 months deep or so. Still much quicker than some other customs, not as fast as Gannon was before his accident. Worth the wait, Mikes work is exemplary.
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  9. Mike and I discussed his pricing increases. One thing to note is he does not charge extra for things like a bound edge (some charge an extra $25 - $50 for this), or other special features. The prices have reached the "low end" of custom hat pricing today. Anybody going cheaper than this will be rare. Mike's quality of pouncing, overall finish and service are worth every penny. I know first hand, with my proximity to Eugene, I see it in person on a fairly regular basis. This is why I consider Mike "my hatter". Not to sound like a commercial or anything, just my personal experience.

    I agree this is a proportionally large increase, but with his quality...it is not going to stop me from always having something in his queue. I have several of his creations, and will bite the bullet on this increase to get more hats from him.
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  10. It's a dramatic increase, and I probably would have inched them up a little slower. But with a 2" stack of orders in front of you, increasing the price to match the demand makes business sense.
  11. I knew this was coming as his pricing was ridiculously low but he said he was comfortable with his price point and his market....but still he has a biz to run and a family to support. I have customs from 7 other custom hatters and Mike's work stands up to all comparisons so his price point now sits where it prob should have been long time ago. I will pick up my 6th or 7th hat from him next week and am glad I am close to the end of my hat "needs".
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  12. I'm sure they are well worth the price, but it's always disappointing to see prices go up. I'm an Adam Smith old-school capitalist and if the market will bear his prices than he made the right business decision, but as the customer it bums me out. I placed an order with him before the price increase, but I think the future order I was considering will go to Gannon (before he raises his prices too :) )

    We all know there are other hatters out there that charge twice as much or more for hats that are no better, and often not as good. Maybe it will just take some time to get past the disappointment and remember that the value is still there with the new pricing.

    I will say that incremental price increases make me think it is inflation; his costs of doing business. These bigger increase feel differet...particularly with his 85% increase in Panama hats; although the hat bodies could be more volatile than I'm aware.
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  13. DOGMAN

    DOGMAN One Too Many

    Unfortunately as cost living go up,prices go up.Heck my wife and I pay over $1500 a month for health insurance.Had to raise my prices $1.00 a day for dogs.Still feel bad.
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  14. The price on the straws has something to do with the higher quality bodies now being used. They are something to behold. Quality is a player here.
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  15. That's good to hear. I was planning on ordering one of his straw hats and I still may. If they are nice than $185 for a Panama may still be a bargain.
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  16. Yes, I was disappointed when Mike raised his beaver price from $200 to $250 so this a mild shock but not a surprise. Any time I contact him it seems as though he is run off his feet and also although we never mentioned it I received prompt service as an early adopter of his work. And if his order book is a few inches thick a perfect time to bump up his price.
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  17. ChicagoWayVito

    ChicagoWayVito A-List Customer

    A bound brim in beaver from Gannon will run $300, not too much lower than Mike's new prices. I have hats from both of them and they both make a fine hat. As for Panama's I hope Mike can keep getting finer weave hat bodies. Brent Black has some of the finest woven hats but you need a mortgage to buy one.
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  18. I can spend $300 or more on a fur felt hat without any problem, but when it comes to Panama hats I'm never comfortable spending much because I'm just not informed enough. I've also come to consider my "straw" hats as semi-disposable as few last more than a couple of years. Maybe if I bought better straw hats they would be more durable and maybe I'd also be inclined to take better care of a larger investment. I was/am planning on seeing Mike about a Panama hat this spring. Nice to hear that his Panama hat bodies are going up in quality.
  19. Ken David

    Ken David One of the Regulars

    Have to wonder if the reason he currently has a 2" stack of orders is due to his pricing and if the increase will eventually slow down future orders.

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  20. Ken David

    Ken David One of the Regulars

    I hear you on the cost of health insurance, as the increases year over year are painful. Unfortunately if you are not self employed one can't give yourself a 35% raise ($250 to $325 for beaver as in the case of Mike's beaver hats). Although I can imagine the costs of running a brick and mortar store is pricey. Lucky if you get a raise to cover inflation not to mention health insurance costs, group policies with employers are not too far off in costs vs individual policies.

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