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Rules on Shoe color?

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by Not-Bogart13, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. Most of my life, I have stuck to a basic set of rules when it comes to the color of my shoes. I wear black with gray and black clothes, brown shoes with tan and brown clothes, and either color shoes with green or blue clothes.

    Recently, I have seen and heard that it's ok to mix these up (like brown shoes with a gray suit). Anybody in the know that can illuminate the "rules" of shoe color?
  2. MPicciotto

    MPicciotto Practically Family

    I don't know the "rules" but my wife the artist approves of my wearing brown shoes with gray slacks. She says it looks good. I'm partially colour blind so I don't know if it looks good or not.

  3. adamjaskie

    adamjaskie One of the Regulars

    I think brown shoes are fine with grey, as long as it isn't a super dark grey. If a particular "blue" is closer to midnight blue than navy, I might also stick with black shoes. A green with a lot of brown should be treated as brown, and thus worn with brown shoes, IMO.

    Black with black, brown with brown, and I think it really depends on the particular shades/tints otherwise.
  4. AlanC

    AlanC My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Brown shoes are fine with gray and navy. In fact, I prefer them with navy over black.

    Brown with gray:


    Brown with navy:

  5. Bourbon Guy

    Bourbon Guy A-List Customer

    That's just wrong! Is there no one here who is from the era when we all lived in suits during the week?
  6. Do tell... :rolleyes:
  7. adamjaskie

    adamjaskie One of the Regulars

    I only manage three days most weeks :(

    Then again, I am a 23 year old in IT. Most of my co-workers take the dress code literally (which is basically "something nicer than jeans, and a collared shirt").
  8. AlanC

    AlanC My Mail is Forwarded Here

    If that's wrong then I don't want to be right! lol

    [​IMG] [​IMG]




    Now in deference to our outraged friend, when dressing more formally, black is the way to go.

  9. The only -rule-

    No transparent shoes or socks. Seeing feet inside clear shoes= gross lol

    The rest...are guidelines...meant to be flaunted by those who have their own style and the attitude to carry it off.
  10. Bourbon Guy

    Bourbon Guy A-List Customer

    From the old advice: "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have." Enjoy the mailroom. ;)
  11. Considering the way people dress today I did not notice any of the pictures posted that will get anyone transfered to a the mailroom department. :rolleyes:

    Not that there is anything wrong with working in one..
  12. actually....in big business these days....the mailroom folks are all contract labor...and wear jeans, a uniform polo shirt and tennis shoes.

    And in half of the business world....so does the CEO ;)

    So I think Alan and his fantastic fashion sense is still ahead of the game...both in dress and polite behavior.
  13. I think I understand the negative reaction to Alan's Navy with brown pic. But I think it's the lighting or the flash, because it does look off. But I find blue and brown work well together. I am amazed at how good the grey and brown pic looks.

    It really warps my mind, but the trend of opinions suggests I could get away with one pair of nice brown shoes to wear with almost anything! :eek: I am floored by this.
  14. I do a navy suit with brown shoes. It looks great. My co-workers (none of which know where the mailroom is) will attest to this..

    Don't take our word for it, try it for yourself and see how you like it. :)
  15. AlanC

    AlanC My Mail is Forwarded Here

    It is true that I pick up the mail at work, often while wearing brown shoes. Coincidence? lol

    Maybe I'll wear this again next time...

  16. Cordovan,....

    Have we forgotten Cordovan, the color? Oftentimes mistaken for brown.
    I used to sell,(or attempt to anyway) Florsheim shoes, and cordovan was the color of choice to match anything other than black, which of course we all know only goes with black. :rolleyes:
    Anyway, cordovan is a sort of burgundy really, which does in fact go with grays, blues, or browns. The definite orangey brown colored shoe really only looks good with clothes in shades of brown or even green. And sometimes even navy or gray, but it's tricky,...very hard to pull that one off as in the old ads in magazines. Analogous color schemes always work.
  17. AlanC

    AlanC My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Burgundy--I'm for it:

  18. Bourbon Guy

    Bourbon Guy A-List Customer

    My eyes! My eyes!

  19. I love those shoes. (I think I just turned into Sarah Jessica Parker!)

    Seriously, they look great, especially with those trousers.
  20. Hemingway Jones

    Hemingway Jones I'll Lock Up Bartender

    I agree entirely!:eusa_clap
    Be limited only by your boldness and imagination!
    Some of my shoes, I wear with every color. I have a pair of high brogues in an almost taupe color that I bought in Venice. I have worn them with jeans, white pants, a cream suit, navy suits, gray suits, khakis, and a brown suit. Love 'em and they look great with all of them.

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