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Discussion in 'The Display Case' started by Undertow, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

    Sabre XR41
    CETME C , NOS from excedents parts of La Coruna weapons fabric for spanish market
    Norinco M97 Trench Gun copy
  2. plain old dave

    plain old dave A-List Customer

    1892 Erfurt Gewehr 88 "Commission Rifle. " in it for hilariously little money.[​IMG]

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  3. 1955mercury

    1955mercury One of the Regulars

    M96 Swedish Mauser made in 1918. I bought it for $75 about 20 years ago and stuck it in a closet.

  4. Shame on you! Shoot it!
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  5. 1955mercury

    1955mercury One of the Regulars

    When I bought this Oldsarge I didn't know what ammo it shot. I just found out yesterday when looking at it again. It has 6.5 X 55 stamped on the barrel near the front site in very small font. I'm going to get some ammo for it soon and feed it a few rounds.
  6. PPU is now making excellent ammo for the 6.5.
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  7. The 6.5 is such an excellent caliber. I'm sure you will have fun. Given the large game in the Pacific Northwest and my lack of interest in shooting an elk (what do you do with that much meat when you live by yourself?) I'm seriously considering selling off the rest of my rifles and just keeping my own 6.5 . . . and the drilling, of course.
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  8. 1955mercury

    1955mercury One of the Regulars

    I'm up in years and not in the best of health Oldsarge and somebody suggested I should start selling off a lot of my stuff. I asked them why and they said you could get a lot of money for it. I asked them what would I do with the money. They said you could buy things you want. I told them what I have is the things I want.
  9. Well put! Money (past the necessities of life) is either for getting stuff you like or going places you want to be. Both are worthy goals.
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  10. That thing's just begging to be shot! The 96 Swede is my favorite among the Mauser's. I got my first via an acquaintance who got a FFL probably 20 or so years ago. He was wanting to use it so I got him to order me a Swede. I think I paid $68 for mine, a 1898 vintage. A few years ago at a gun show I lucked upon one that had been shortened. I did not know it had been factory modified to their short rifle or Model 38 configuration, which just has the barrel and stock shortened, and appropriate sights installed for the length. It was a 1900 model and is stamped Mauser Obendorf, made my Mauser in Germany for the Swedes under a special contract and as I understand used Swedish steel which the Swedes prized and shipped there for their manufacture. The one I have has a two digit serial number with all numbered parts matching which makes it rather unusual. From what I learned on the milsurp forums was that it was one of a special run of 5000 for civilian shooting, but later converted to the military M38 configuration. The serial number tends to reinforce this, as Mauser had two years earlier made a run with serial numbers as I understand that by the time 1900 rolled around numbers were up in the 38000 range. My earlier 1898 model has a number in the 2700 range. I picked up a few more over the years, got my parents birth years 1916 and 1918.

    They are good shooters, commercial ammo is available and new rifles are still being chambered in the caliber.
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  11. Dead right. Those Swedish Mausers in 6.5 are darlings. Not being a military collector I am inclined towards scavenging the barreled action and making a absolute killer of deer rifle out of it but if the thing is original military I will bow to the purists' desire to leave it in the original. My own is cobbled together out of a M98 with Wehrmacht eagles on the bridge, a Walther Lother barrel, an Argentine bottom metal . . . you know the drill. It will shoot quarter minute groups out of a warm barrel. See if I ever let go of this one!
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  12. I remember when those small ring Mausers were dirt cheap. The 96 and 94 showed some great machine work. Personally, I've never minded the cock on classing actions. Keep that one safe, they aren't making them like that anymore.
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  13. I had an M96 once in 9.3x57 that I rechambered to 9.3x62. That thing was a pocket rocket! And whoever designed the stock on it must have apprenticed at a London gunmaker because it came to the shoulder and lined up like lightning. I sold it to a friend who wanted an elk/moose rifle but who later succumbed to a collection of nasty diseases. I wonder whatever happened to that gun.
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  14. Yes I have a M43 Husqvarna sporter in 9.3x57. Your comments on the stock are right on, it shoulders more like a fine sxs shotgun than a rifle. It's a 1929 vintage and is only stamped 9.3 cal, and serial number is on the barrel, not the receiver. I had thought of rechambering to x63 but decided against it as I really have no need for another hard thumper.
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  15. Well, if you ever decide to sell it . . .
  16. Who, I found one online and since I have a CRFFL . . .

    Price is decent, too.
  17. The 9.3X62 is a great cartridge within its intended use. I had one for a few years (a newer CZ-550) but ended up with a 338-06 and I've never looked back. If Africa was in my future I'd probably rather have the 9.3, but here in the lower-48 I think the 338-06 is a more versatile cartridge.

    If I had an old German stalking rifle in 9.3X57 or similar I'd be quite happy too.
  18. The .338/06 is probably flatter shooting than the 9.3 but without either a chart or a range to try them on I refuse to comment. I also have a .318 Westley Richards which is the grandfather of the .338/06. I've taken a number of hog with it, both in N.America and Africa and the exit wounds are impressive, to say the least. Would I use the 9.3 on deer? Only for lung shots. Otherwise I'd be afraid of messing up the meat. Now on an elk . . .
  19. plain old dave

    plain old dave A-List Customer


    New wood on the 88.

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  20. Levallois

    Levallois Practically Family

    What a modern, forward thinking (and well to do) deputy sheriff would carry turn of the 20th century - Savage 1899 saddle ring carbine in 32-40, Colt’s 1900 sight safety Automatic Pistol in 38 AC and various period correct accoutrements. The savage is extremely rare in this caliber and they only made 4200 or so of the 1900 and few are left with the sight safety intact.


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