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Show us your SHOES !!!

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by Veronica Parra, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. Jaxenro

    Jaxenro One of the Regulars

    Yes it’s possible I didn’t think Peal made glued soles but you might be correct
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  2. How about a pair of suede longings? Before Alden's price increase went into effect I ordered a pairt of suede longwings. Green - yes green. The hunter green I thought would work well in a variety of seasons and situations. They arrived recently and today I have been nano coating them with a Bick product. Once the Bick coating drys I will suede brush them and the nap should re-appear.


    I picked them up from my cobbler today after having a rubber protector applied to the sole. The weather in MN is hard on an oiled sole and the rubber protects it a tad bit more.


    The green suede is definately a casual or casual dress shoe. I did hunt for a pair with the "antiqued edges." In plain language that is a lighter edge. I thought it might be fun to have an accenting edge to the longwings. Longwings - well I am just a fan of the details.

    Thanks for letting me share my green suede shoes.

    Happy trails to all, Eric -
  3. Dnewma04

    Dnewma04 One of the Regulars

    Love the green suede. Very nice.
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  4. Jaxenro

    Jaxenro One of the Regulars

    What is odd is Brooks only offered these in brown/white not black/white and only with a Goodyear welt and leather soles

    All I can think is they made the black/white ones up for cast or extras to wear in the movie. I know only part of what was made for the movie was ever offered for sale as part of the Gatsby collection which might explain the rubber soles. So these could be a non sale item which would also explain the barely worn condition
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  5. Thanks sir.

    I have been preping a new pair of Aldens for a long day. This style allows the shoe to have a country/city vibe which works for me. An agressive sole makes them ready for Minnesota weather.


    No vintage today in the challenging weather.

    Best, Eric -
  6. Super nice!
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  7. Jaxenro

    Jaxenro One of the Regulars

    Didn’t think I would like green shoes but those are nice seems like they would go good with brown pants
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  8. etonic white.jpg image000000_17.jpg

    I have a few more little touch up to do on these but you can get the idea of what dye can do for a pair of shoes. This weekend I will remove the sole and heel and start replacing them along with another pair already shown here.
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  9. Green is not a real common color, but some of that depends of what shade of green. My Husband has a green and white pair of footjoy wingtips that are vintage and were green from factory. They go well with dark hunter green pants and a brown and green plaid sports jacket as well as many browns.
  10. Nothing wrong with the way those are made. Peal does not make junky shoes, and the rubber soles on your shoes most likely are solid constructed. Most cheaper made shoes with rubber soles have a "waffle" design that you are actually walking on between the very bottom of the rubber and the bottom of where your feet are at inside the shoe. That waffle will break down over a few months of wear and your feet would notice as it feels like walking on gravel. I think your shoes are very nice looking and comfy so I myself would be happy about them. Rubber soles have some advantage over leather in bad weather and are easy walking as well.
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  11. tropicalbob

    tropicalbob My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Here's a question for the afficianados: I just received a pair of Florsheim reddish-brown, pebble-grain wingtips from an Ebay dealer. They were "pre-owned" but in beautiful shape, and I like them very much. They were advertised as "cordovan", but I was wondering if that word referred to the color or the type of leather. I've always been a little baffled by this, as I see some pairs labeled as cordovan going for quite high prices and others going for more reasonable costs. The ones I received have a beautiful shine and are in perfect shape, and yet I paid only about $70.00 for them. Just wondering, as I'm very happy with them either way
    They are, I think, the same as the gunboats shown by Deadlyhandsome on page 257 of this thread (credit where it's due, as those were the shoes that sent me on this particular quest - so thanks, DH).
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  12. Bob; excellent question. Cordovan can mean Horween produced horsehide. If this is the case the shoes would have distinct rolls across the vamp were the shoes normally crease. Calfskin and the like will have creasing that depends on the oil, thickness and covering. The rolls make it obvious that it is treated horsehide. Horween horsehide takes 6 months to process. Shell cordovan is a very small area of the horsehide. The article reference below has a pic of the horsehide and the area.

    I have not seen a pebbled grain horsehide. Possible someone went the step to press the oil impregrated horse hide between two rollers to make the pebble grain. I think improbable.

    More about Horween leathers here: https://www.horween.com/articles

    I have read this on the Style Forum and have found it to be true in Horween horsehide shoes that I have owned. Preference - I do not have preference, but appreciate the distinct differences of the two. Horsehide shoes are much more expensive as has been your shared experience.

    I hope I helped Bob. Today I have been enjoying my hunter green suede shoes. Shoe pics:


    Eric -
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  13. tropicalbob

    tropicalbob My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Got it. Thanks very much.
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  14. I agree with Eric. The color Cordovan is perhaps what you have. They are nice no matter what and if you condition them and buff them off then add a few coats of Cordovan wax polish and one or two coats of clear (neutral) those shoes can shine like a mirror. We had a pair of Mason brand wingtips that were that same color and it would have been easy to mistake them for the Cordovan leather due to the shine and finish, but they were just calf skin leather.
  15. I am loving the shoes and choice of socks...and then those bottles in the background....lol!
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  16. Michael A

    Michael A My Mail is Forwarded Here

  17. Love the textured calf longwings sir. Something always reassuring about the longwing to me. As a kid I recall my Grandfathers and Dad both caring for and heading out to work in their longwings.

    Wear them proudly. Best, Eric -
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  18. Michael A

    Michael A My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Yes, I'm a big fan of them too. Have been since one of my great uncles cast off a new pair of Florsheim Imperials in my direction in about 1968. Wore them for years as my going out dancing shoes.

    Today I found a pair of spectators at my favorite vintage store.
    [​IMG]DSCN9400 by Michael A2012, on Flickr
    [​IMG]DSCN9397 crop by Michael A2012, on Flickr
    Very rarely run across any of these around here. In fact this is the first pair I've seen near my size. The jury is still out on the fit, the left foot is great, the right not quite there yet.
    [​IMG]DSCN9399 crop by Michael A2012, on Flickr
    [​IMG]DSCN9405 crop by Michael A2012, on Flickr
    [​IMG]DSCN9406 crop by Michael A2012, on Flickr
    Now for a little round of conditioning and polishing.

  19. They are quite the spectacle. Grand spectacle those spectators! Appear to be in terrific condition Michael. Congrats. Cuffed slacks and shoes are classy. I look forward to seeing those shoes more often.

    Congrats Miachael. Best, Eric -
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  20. Michael A

    Michael A My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Thanks Eric. They do seem to be very clean and the leather is supple. I'm hoping the right foot shoe has a bit of stretch in it because I am really wanting to be wearing these when the weather heats up. Should be a great summer shoe.

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