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Show us your vehicles

Discussion in 'The Display Case' started by Tin Pan Sally, Mar 22, 2006.

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  1. Can't wait Scotty! Keep us posted. I'd love to see some pics of her.

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  2. Wouldn't start. I think we're down to the fuel pump, as nothing is coming up from it, although it ran for almost 5 minutes a month ago. I'm off to remove the AC unit and bracket, and power steering pump so I can get to the fuel pump's top bolt.
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  3. Rouck

    Rouck New in Town

    I've been lurking on this forum for too long without posting something so I decided to make an account, this seems appropiate as a first post.

    Here's my baby, her name is "Louisa". Opel Rekord C 1966 Luxury Edition.

    opel cow.jpg
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  4. Welcome to The Lounge Rouck! Louisa is a real beauty, especially considering her age.
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  5. Big Man

    Big Man My Mail is Forwarded Here

    FB_IMG_1510354844424.jpg FB_IMG_1510354850971.jpg FB_IMG_1510354858995.jpg FB_IMG_1510354867444.jpg Note: I posted in this thread way back on page 1. When I posted then I had 170,000 miles on my car. I have a little over 300,000 now.

    Well, it took way longer than I had planned, but I finally got my old '65 Ford back from being painted today.

    My aunt Sara Brown Lewis bought this car new in 1965. When she passed away in 1983 it was left to me. It had 35,000 miles on it when I got the car. It now has just a little bit over 300,000 miles, and still runs like a dream.

    I had the car printed in 1985, and should have had it painted again 10 years ago. I didn't, and by the time I got around to having it painted this time it really did need some extra work. I'm glad it's done now, because it looks like a brand new car again.

    When I pulled in the driveway this evening from picking the car up, Mackenna came running out and hugged me saying, "my Ford is back!" I think she was more excited than I was. Sam, who was just a baby when the Ford went to the shop, went around the car rubbing it and saying how smooth it was. He also said, "this Ford is just like the Plymouth but blue." (The '48 Plymouth is Sam's favorite car.)

    It sure is good having my old '65 back. I've missed driving that old car way too long. Not only have I put a lot of miles on that car since I started driving it in 1983, but I've also got a lot of good memories associated with the car.

    This new paint job should last another 20 years. By the time it needs painting again, I guess it will be someone else who will have it done.

    One other thing of note:. It cost me close to twice what my aunt Sara paid for the car new in 1965 to have it painted in 2017. Think about that for a while.
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  6. The only thing better than having an old car is having an old car that's been in the family since new.

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  8. Looks great Big Man! Congrats on getting her back into new condition.

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  9. Yesterday at CVS Pharmacy[​IMG][​IMG]

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  10. Ba-da-bing!^
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  11. I could have sworn I posted a couple of pictures of my 'stang here <cue twilight zone music>.
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  12. I saw you reference it in another thread, but never saw the pics here. Would love to see them!
  13. Well, I am like 99% sure I did post them here but if they were removed I will not repost them. Bad form, ya know?!
  14. I never saw them either. I can't imagine why anyone would remove photos of a car (unless they also contained something too risqué for The Lounge), but I understand erring on the side of caution by not re-posting them.
  15. No, absolutely nothing risque. Just standard car shots. In fact, I had posted one of them here in 2009 shortly after I joined, but I used to work through photobucket so anything there became unseeable recently.

    Maybe I just had a brainfart.
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  16. GHT

    GHT My Mail is Forwarded Here

    You're so right, there's a guy here whose forever showing off his car, and just for good measure there's always a pretty girl or three or six or seven, draped on or around it.
    jessica & the models.jpg
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  17. bond

    bond My Mail is Forwarded Here

    That there is a Big ol boat but lots of fun! I Had a 68 Newport in my last yr of high school w a Pioneer super tuner cassette deck, it was the perfect cruiser for taking my girlfriends out in.

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  18. kaiser

    kaiser A-List Customer

    1966 Newport for me, it was my mom‘s car originally that got handed off to me when I started driving.

    383 cubic inch with a 4 barrel carb hooked up to a 3 speed Torqueflite automatic. Those were the days
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  19. Big ol' boat, you say?


    1975 Dodge Royal Monaco, 440 cu in. What a beast! It was a year newer, but basically the same model they used for the Bluesmobile in the 1980 movie The Blues Brothers. I don't have any photos of our actual car; these are pretty close except that ours had the "quarter top" vinyl roof and a sunroof. Bought it used some time around 1990, as best I can remember. It was a great car...briefly. The son of the people we bought it from was a mechanic, and when the car's smog system became problematic his solution was to disconnect it. Long story short, by the time we were able to get it to pass a smog check so we could register it the smog system inhibited the engine so much that we'd get passed by semi-trucks on steep grades. o_O The sunroof leaked no matter what we did, and when the differential imploded it took our mechanic nine months to find enough used parts to cobble one together for us. Between what we paid for it and the repairs, we were in the hole for about $4,000 before I finally paid a guy $100 to haul it away. :(
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  20. Better repost ;)

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