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smaller swiss army backpack - salt and pepper pattern

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by tempesh, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. tempesh

    tempesh New in Town

    still you can get them on various webshops and on ebay. I wrote a post with some images of the smaller vs. the bigger
    salt and pepper swiss army backpack. Honestly for most uses I would go for the smaller one, if you do serious stuff in the mountains go for a modern design. All other stuff both are fine but I somehow prefer the smaller, lighter one.

    here the post with some image to compare both designs:

  2. tempesh

    tempesh New in Town

    sorry the link did not work, now it´s fine ! enjoy
  3. After trying for months to find a smaller vintage Swiss Army backpack that I could use as an everyday bag - I found that even the smaller ones were too big for my needs, so I looked for something else and came across this one from Tanner Goods.

    It's material is salt and pepper like the real Swiss Army ones (and water resistant) and while its details are different, I thought it had a nice vintage echo and, for me, the size was perfect.


    I like the quality of the leather and the brass studs and zippers

    I thought the rope pull has a nice vintage feel

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  4. ⇧ Fusternc, thank you, my backpack was feeling unwanted and unloved at FL. It's proving to be a really good backpack with a nice vintage vibe for a new bag.
  5. That looks like an updated version of this one. It's 18 x 12 inches, the smallest of the Swiss salt & pepper rucksacks, and nearly impossible to obtain


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