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So trivial, yet it really ticks you off.

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by GHT, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. GHT

    GHT My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Have you ever typed a rather long response, carefully re-read it, checking for grammar and spelling mistakes, clicked submit............and then lost it, and you didn't store it previously? Nowadays. I always cut & paste before submitting.

    That's the sort of trivia I'm on about. Whether it's the ditherer in front of you in the queue, the endless phone menu, whilst all the time your bill is being run up, as you exasperatingly try to get through to the right person, or just officialdom.

    For a while, I have been searching on the internet for the rubber door seals that go around the edge of the car door, for my old MG. The 60 odd year old ones have perished causing the back seat to be somewhat draughty.

    By chance, I came across someone who had a Morris, the model on which my car is based. He had bought twenty odd yards of rubber seal and was selling it in pre-cut lengths to fellow enthusiasts. I emailed him, with a picture of my car, asking would the seal fit. It would. I bought and paid for the strips on-line, there & then.

    That was on a Monday, mid-afternoon. They arrived on Friday. I emailed him to say they had finally arrived and that the carrier must have been having a tea-break, or some other sarcastic remark. He e-mailed me back saying that the goods had been picked up on Wednesday and delivered on Friday, which he thought was very good.

    It didn't wash, what ticked me off was, he had my money, didn't acknowledge that, didn't say he wouldn't be despatching the seals until Wednesday. I had been expecting arrival to be Tuesday, even booking the car into the garage to have the work done. It would have been easy to e-mail back and have a go. But I just let it be, life's too short.

    What's rubbed you up the wrong way of late? Have you had a phone bill that's had you mouthing: WTF? Did you land at one airport and your luggage at another? Or an excessive tax demand? Do share, I can't be alone.
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  2. Stearmen

    Stearmen I'll Lock Up

    I can match that! I bought a 1972 Honda CB740 Four last year. I decided to rebuild the carbs since it has been off the road for a few years. No problem, ordered the four kits, easy enough, then I noticed there were no o rings to replace the eight on the two fuel inlet Ts. I scoured the internet, the number was superseded by a new number, then discontinued. Finally, this last week, I found what size they were, I copied and pasted to my search engine, which new I was looking for Honda parts, and there, all over the place, pages of that size O ring, and who had them? Honda Marine Division! I could not believe that, same O ring, different numbers. I went down to my local Honda shop, the owner told me, he can not buy marine or lawnmower parts, even though he was a Honda lawnmower store back in the 60s. I ordered them on line. So, it's not just the American and British vehicle industry that is fowled up, even Mighty Honda is!
  3. Big J

    Big J Call Me a Cab

    When my food arrives at my table, and the waiter insists on leaning over me to point at every item on my plate to tell me what it is.
    I know what it is, I ordered it!
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  4. robrinay

    robrinay One Too Many

    I get cross when I see parents of babies and toddlers recklessly putting them into or taking them out of their seats through the door on the side of their car that opens into the road and oncoming traffic a prolonged process with the door wide open and their butts sticking out slowing or stopping traffic and risking injury to stupid parent (deserved?) and innocent tot (undeserved!). How hard is it to use the much safer sidewalk/pavement side or even parking appropriately if necessary?
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  5. Dennis Young

    Dennis Young A-List Customer

    I have trouble typing in the quick reply box (or the advanced). Letters often don’t make it to the page and I had to go back and carefully place a letter here and a letter there. So I just use a word processor now and copy and paste into the box. It still makes it look odd though.

    I have several pet peeves elsewhere though. I hate people who are too ignorant to use turn signals. You are sitting at a stop sign. Here comes a car from your left. Its approaching closer and closer and you think its going to go on by (so you don’t cross the road in front of you of course), then they turn. No signal at all! Gah! Makes my blood pressure shoot straight up!

    The other pet peeve is the person who is in the check out line in front of me. Unloads all their items. Stands there and watches the check out girl scan each item and doesn’t lift a finger to help her put the bags in the cart. So the poor girl has to stop and do it herself, then go back to scanning. People are lining up behind her and that person jusst stands there watching. THEN, after its all scanned and put into the cart, they start looking for their checkbook to write a freaking check!

    That’ll make you want to slap someone.

    (I have been known to put the person’s bags in the cart myself to speed things along).
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  6. GHT

    GHT My Mail is Forwarded Here

    25 or so years ago, whilst running a large distribution depot, we had a number of extra delivery vans on hire to cope with the pre-Christmas overload. The driver of one of those vans, ran through a pond size puddle, and seized the engine. Right on that day, the van manufacturer went bust. for six weeks I paid for for the hire of a useless van, (this was pre-internet days,) until, by chance, I learned that the van actually had an engine by a different manufacturer, and they had a dealer on the same industrial estate as us. Like you, the con-rods and pistons required were different part numbers, yet identical. Six weeks wasted hire!

    They are probably the same parents who push baby out into the traffic, whilst they stand safely at the kerb, as they try to cross a busy road. Morons!

    Now that would have been a better title for this thread. "Makes you want to slap someone!"
  7. Wire9Vintage

    Wire9Vintage A-List Customer

    Customer service in general is gone, it seems. Sadly, a great experience somewhere is so rare that when I am treated well at a business, it really stands out.

    Weirdly, I had some fantastic customer service at a Sonic! Who'da thougt? Yet go to a restaurant and pay up to 10 times as much and we seem to be imposing on them...

  8. I hate it when you order steak at a restaurant, and the waiter asks you to cut into it to see if it's done the way you want it. A friend of mine says it happened to him once too often, and he cut into the steak and said "this is perfect, make mine just like it" and pushed it back to the waiter.

    But my biggest pet peeve, other than people wearing a hat at the table, is when the waiter sits down at your table to take your order. I don't remember inviting you to join me.
  9. This drives me crazy too. People will stand there for 10 minutes while $200 worth of stuff is rung up, and then looked completely shocked when they're asked to pay for it.
  10. Big J

    Big J Call Me a Cab

    Yeah, those things would annoy me. I detest bad waiter service.
  11. I wear a lymphedema sleeve and glove, which look like an ace bandage material that has been made into a fingerless glove and sleeve. I have lymphedema due to having had 29 lymph nodes removed and two months of radiation. It is not pleasant nor is it the result of a pleasant experience.

    I get at least one, "Sweetie, what did you do to your arm? How did you hurt it?" a day if I go someplace where I don't know everyone and they see my sleeve- be it a store, the bus, the gym, or anyplace I interact with anyone.

    The only good explanation is that I am a cancer survivor.

    So that would be a LITTLE annoying because I am reminded daily of an experience I would prefer to forget. But the big annoying is what follows.

    My explanation typically either upsets them (having had cancer makes a lot of people uncomfortable) and/or leads to the totally inappropriate questions one can ask a cancer survivor. Such inappropriate questions include "but you're doing well, right?" (not everyone does well) to "but they caught it early!" (do you really want to hear that they didn't?). Or stories of how someone they know with the same cancer as you died (and it was horrible). Or comments like, "well, you should be thankful to be alive!" and "you have such a positive attitude!"

    Or my personal favorite, "Didn't you find cancer was a great gift?"

    It annoys me (and every survivor I have spoken to) to be put in a position where you are made to comfort a complete stranger about your diagnosis (and their own mortality) because they asked personal questions. It is even more annoying when you are judged for your appropriateness as the poster child positive role model for beating cancer based upon a *two minute interaction with a stranger* who knows nothing about you.

    And all I wanted to do was to buy a gallon of milk.
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  12. DNO

    DNO One Too Many

    Pardon my French, sheeplady, but who the hell would think that cancer was a great gift? Morons. I too get tired of strangers who feel compelled to engage you in a discussion of a personal nature. I find I am becoming more and more intolerant of this kind of nonsense. I dislike being rude but sometimes I feel like asking what it was about my appearance that made me look so approachable.
  13. Stearmen

    Stearmen I'll Lock Up

    A couple of years ago, my friend was talking to a couple of Motorcycle Officers at our local shop. When I walked up, my friend said, "arrest him, he's a criminal"! I just said, that's right, I committed Multiple felonies on the way here! The Officer looked at me, and I said, isn't it a felony to use your turn signals in this town? The one laughed, and the other replied, "yes it is, judging by all the drivers that don't signal."
  14. GHT

    GHT My Mail is Forwarded Here

    That kind of remark usually comes from those with a personal extention to The Good Lord's telephone. If it had been said to me, my answer, an Anglo-Saxon reference to sex and travel, the second word being "off," might have got me banned from this forum. Sorry you had to put up with such moronic claptrap.

    You are a gift though, and I shall refrain from calling you sweetie, you are a gift to us here, your thoughtful insight, your balanced view and your appraisals are testimony of the value of your input. I can only guess how many times a moderator reads a post and thinks: "Too much wine!"

    I suggest that you carefully stitch some sort of slogan into your sleeve, so that it looks like a tattoo. Maybe from one profile it appears as, perhaps, the characters of a language that doesn't use the Roman alphabet. But turned on it's edge it reads: "Mind your own ******* business!
  15. Barman

    Barman Familiar Face

    I hate it when I sell something on eBay and the buyer doesn't pay right away, without sending me a message about when he's going to pay me.
    How rude!
  16. Private couriers. All sorts of online organisations and eBay sellers insist on using them. It's got now so that I have to have half my personal mail delivered to the officed or I simply won't get it. I live in a block of flats, and private couriers simply don't even attempt to leave notice that they called unannounced to leave a package while I was at work (here's the clue, Sherlock: I can afford to buy non-essentials, and it's during the day on a weekday....), then it gets automatically returned. Oh, and when you omplain they always smugly email you an unlabled picture of the block front door, just to prove they turned up. On the rare occasion I do get some kind of notice, it's always being 'held' for me at some industrial estate in the back end of nowhere that isn't accessible to non-drivers. A couple of months ago, I spent a Friday evening taking three busses to get to one depot to pick something up.... only to discover that (although the sender had said it wasn't possible), they'd already sent it out for redelivery to my office.... The latest thing is some of them will phone ten minutes before they arrive, and get funny when you're at work (these are not the type who give you a week's notice when they demand you be in between 8am and 6pm to receive delivery - this is the first I hear from them). One of them called the other week with an Amazon package. He appeared barely able to communicate (I suspect English was not his forte; I also suspect he was talking to me while driving, which didn't help). My other half happened to be in, and he was also quite rude with her on the phone when I put him on to her as a recipient. This guy was too lazy even to come to the door to try and deliver. To be fair, of course, that's often because these private courier companies are sharks and pay not a salary but a few pence per parcel delivered, so for the individual driver it is counter productive to attempt a delivery which is not guaranteed. Yet again, customer service dies at the hands of the profit motive. Yay capitalism.

    By comparison, the real Post Office always leave a card, and if I'm not in, I can pick it up from one of two paces, both within 15 minutes' walk of my own front door. Sadly, the Post Office has now been part privatised, and I'm already seeing the inevitable drop in standards beginning to creep in.

    I have told a number of firms before no that I am going elsewhere because of their insistence on using private couriers. Hopefully enough others will do this that they will be forced to change (or very deservedly go out of business).

    A friend of mine who has some terrbile mobility problems gets this a lot, always from naive people who have never suffered anything like her condition. Some have even accused her (very deep) faith of being defective, "as otherwise you'd be healed". I'd be interested to see how fast they change their tune when it happens to them.
  17. Barman

    Barman Familiar Face

    I don't call that kind of comment "trivial". :rolleyes:
    IMO, you should expect to get hit when you say stuff like that.
    Where has decency gone?

  18. I still don't know what's accomplished by being surly and vulgar towards people who are making a sincere effort to show concern for someone.
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  19. Several years ago, I tore my back up and had to walk with a cane for about four months until it resoved. But I got to where I did everything possible to avoid using the cane in public because I just couldn't stand another weepy-faced gaze from somebody who figured I was the victim of some terrible wasting disease, when all I'd really done is twist the wrong way while loading reel 3 of "The Great Escape" onto the projector. It's not wanting to be surly as much as it is just being sick of getting That Look from people.

    If you really want trivial, though, I really hate when you unwrap a new roll of toilet paper and the end of the roll is pasted down so firmly that you have to tear thru the first dozen wraps just to get it free. And you usually run into this at the moment that is, shall we say, the very least opportune.
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  20. I'm sure we can all think of examples while driving. For me, it's people who stop in the middle of multi-lane roads to try to let someone turn left in front of them. I try to be courteous, and I'm all for letting peple turn in front of me when I'm stopped. But don't stop moving traffic in one lane when it's obvious the person cannot turn until the traffic is stopped in all lanes. It just screws up the whole system.
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