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Discussion in 'Beauty' started by Lauren, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award

    Hello all,

    I just got my spoolies from the Vermont Country Store catalog. They're these little plastic things that are supposed to fold down on top of themselves to hold in your hair. I am very sad to report that they don't work for me at all. My hair is about shoulder length with layers and I have a lot of hair, though it is fine. I successfully closed several but only when my hair was about as thick around as a thin pencil, and over time they started releasing and falling out because my hair is too long or too thick... not sure. Anyways, me being me, I bought four packets of them and now they're not going to do me much good. They had the option of large ones, but I'm not ready to go in again for more plus shipping. So my advice is to stick to pincurls unless you have shorter, thin hair! They're faster and you can control which way your curl goes. That's my two cents. I'd love to hear of anyone else's experiences!
  2. JustJen

    JustJen Familiar Face

    I looked and couldn't find them

    What a nice little store. I went out there to check out the spoolies and couldn't find them. Think I'll be spending some extra time to look at their hankies. Ooo, reminds me. I've been getting some freebies in my clothing purchases. I recently recieved a dress that had a very nice hankie in it (I quickly washed it). I've also reached into a 1940's coat and found some very nice black gloves too! I digress......are the spoolies in the online catalog?

  3. decodoll

    decodoll Practically Family

    My experience with spoolies has been exactly the same. I think my hair is just too long.
  4. Lauren,

    Glad you posted this, because I was just about to buy some! I have exhausted yet another attempt at pincurls.... and after throwing down bobby pins into my bathroom sink in a fit of impatience... I was gonna try for spoolies. I've tried ragcurlers, foam curlers... you name it.... and none of them really work for me... I get curl, but none of it seems to be uniform, try as hard as I may. So, I end up putting the front up in rolls and leaving the back down, rolling the ends under and keeping it in place with a hairnet. However, I'm getting quite tired of this style, and I'd like some variation. So, since spoolies stink, then it looks like I'm stuck with it until someone can actually TEACH me how to do pincurls.


  5. Not sure if this will work

    for you all because I'm African American so of course, we have different hair textures but, I use Summit Pre Con Gel http://havanabeautysupply.com/cgi-l...+bybk2530ff050e05+-p+-c+scstore.cfg+summit016
    when doing my pin curls. The come out uniform in curl and shape and my mom says she and her friends who were of different races, used this for their pin curls when they were younger. Also, my pincurls tend to last longer when I use this gel. A friend of mine uses Lotta Body http://www.tresstranzitions.com/ but I've never used it so, I can't give a personal review.
  6. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award


    Here's a link to them. I LOVE the catalog, but I'm bummed that yet again I'm a sucker for a hair product. It seems I am in an unending attempt to simplify getting my hair done easily!

    I use Lotta Body and it makes my hair stay. If it can make my hair stay, it will make anyone's! Add more of it and it will REALLY get your hold in, but your curls will be quite stiff. Also, I remember using Dippity Do jell with my wet hair when I was young with sponge curlers and that worked. They have that on the Vermont country store catalog as well:


    What I've learned is that the longer you let your pincurls in the longer they'll stay. I set my hair at 7 pm tonight and I'll end up wearing a head scarf a la Rosie tomorrow so that I can have my hair hold up to Reenactment wear and tear all day Saturday. I do this for the QM too, and if I let them set for a whole day then that one hair set will last me through three days with little touch ups with an iron here and there.

    Practice, practice, practice!

    But now back to Spoolies! I admit I went :eek:fftopic:
  7. Etienne

    Etienne A-List Customer

    I bought an original, unopened bag of spoolies (dated 1950) on eBay as an ongoing joke with my sisters. We used them when we were little girls. I remember my Mom using setting lotion (by Helene Curtis) before putting them in our hair. I have a huge amount of very thick, longish hair and I KNOW these would never work on my hair today! Lauren, I would save them for your children-to-be!
  8. JustJen

    JustJen Familiar Face

    Ohhhhhh, so that's what they are! I saw some hot rollers the other day at Wal-mart that had the same concept. Glad I stuck to purchasing the Hot Sticks instead.

    Looking at them makes me want to try them! lol....alas, my hair is fine but I have a lot of it. Drat! Now it'll bother me until I order them.

    Hair accessories are always like the latest facial treatment. I must have it and then I'm utterly disappointed. I immediately go back to my standbys of Dove and Oil of Olay.
  9. MoxieGrl

    MoxieGrl Familiar Face

    Well, my hair must be the odd man out. They worked OK for me. I have bra-strap length hair, and as Long as I used small enough sections, they stayed in my hair. Now, I did tie a turban around it once they were in to hold them in place and prevent me from looking like an alien, so that might have prevent them from falling off. That being said, for actual vintage hair, I will stick to pincurls because I have aloe easier time controling them and they are alot faster to put in.
  10. Do you guys think maybe sitting under a hood type dryer might work also? So that the curl is like dried and set into your hair, if you know what I mean. Just thought of that, I haven't sat under a dryer like that in years though.
  11. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award

    Yup! I have a hood dryer. Works ok, but you have to be willing to sit under them for a while. I bought mine at a beauty supply store and paud over a hundred for it, but now I seem to see them every couple of weeks at estate sales and thrift stores for no more that $12. And make sure when you sit under there that whatever you have your hair in won't melt. It would be devastating to have colored plastic melted all over your head!
  12. RetroMom

    RetroMom One of the Regulars

    Hi Everyone -

    The Spoolies didn't work for me either, and my hair is very short and fine/thin. I thought it might just be my hair texture or length, so I tried them in my daughter's shoulder length and somewhat thicker hair, but they slid out of her hair too. Oh Well, nothing ventured nothing gained.......
  13. Sunny

    Sunny One Too Many

    I wish my hair was short enough to give them a shot! :D
  14. do you still have yours? i would love to buy them from some one that would be willing to sell them for less then the websight, i dont want to spend a lot on it if they are not going to work but now i just want to see them and try it my self.
  15. Blondie

    Blondie Practically Family

    My Spoolies just slid right out of hair,
    i can't see how they would stay in unless you have short hair and a lot of setting lotion, i have kept mine for the day someone has a Lost in Space fancy dress party, can go as some weird alien with round plastic things as hair !
  16. Drea

    Drea New in Town

    I was JUST about to buy some of those spoolies!!! they make them sound like they work so great.. especially on ebay. I have latin hair so it's pretty thick and a little wavy, almost passed the middle of my back so theres no way in hell they would work. I couldn't do pin curls in my hair unless somebody else did them for me :/ but would sponge rollers be the next best thing to get the pin curl look? or hot rollers? believe it or not I've only curled my hair once with a curling iron that my hair stylist but she just curled my ends under and used the curling on the victory rolls to get them to roll in easier.there has to be something else to get the same look as a pin curl without all the work!!! or should I just cut my hair shorter?? hmmmmmm..help!!!

    P.S. Sorry if I keep asking the same questions!!! it's just hard because my hair is super long and pretty thick so I need something strong enough :/
  17. KittyT

    KittyT I'll Lock Up

    Use sponge rollers or pillow rollers. But seriously, GO READ THE PINCURL THREAD! There are a lot of girls here with longer hair, like Ohairas and Lolita Haze and they have both posted information in that thread about how they set their hair.
  18. Drea

    Drea New in Town

    Alright alright! pillow curlers sound pretty comfurtable.. I've never even heard of them before, I think what I'm going to do is just buy a mankin head with hair already on it and just practice and practice so that way when I try it on my hair by myself I get the idea! I can't wait to start aveda already and learn much more, plus I'd rather the manikin head look like madusa than myself the first few times I try anyway hahahaha..I think that would be a good way to get the hang of pin curls too..so that way when you try it on yourself your more prepared, you can also find pretty cheap manikin heads on ebay.. has anybody tried these kind of pillow curlers? and what does it mean by wrapping paper :eek: I know I sound like a total dumbass but bear with me!!!

  19. hairdresser

    hairdresser New in Town

    Hello everyone, I am a new menber and a hairdresser, I have owned 3 beauty shops, 2 in new jersey and one In St Augustine fla, I enjoy you topic ,as my love to do hair will never stop. First there Is only so much you can do with hair. Everything comes back ,we can perm,take out curl,rollers,or leave our hair stright that,s about the size of it.the frizzy look.In the 80,s was a copy of the 20,s,the hair of today Is a copy of the 40,s,what I am trying to get across to you,we only can do so much to our hair.I would state the 40,s were the best for hair,hair was not permed,and rats,were used,rats as called In the 40,s are a roll for long hair this Is what gave the 40,s look. The worst was the 60,s, when Jacky, came out with the Bubble, everyone went out to get rollers,teasted their hair, you all know that look, never did we see hair loss,as we did from rollers,getting stuck into hair,andwas pulled out, with the root, then we came up with heat rollers, now we blow out our hair some, do a great job,some fry their hair,colored hair needs special care, as well as fine hair. of all I wrote, I must state,the pin curl will never be replaced,they hold the best set, If used right, spoolies are great, but you need the RUBBER spoolies, not PLASTIC, as you are using, for long hair you need to use small sections, for fine short hair, you need larger hair sections, . you do not need a lotion or papers for rubber spoolies,remenber to use a shampoo that Is right for you hair.. thin colored hair, do not use a shampoo with conderations,this will make you hair limp,apply a reconstructor, by NEXUS, once a week, use a VERY SMALL amount of humertress,daily,. for VERY BAD DRY,HAIR youwill need EMERGENCEE, by Nexus, you will find this a Sally,s emergencee, at CVS. HAIRDRESSERS, do not support nexus, here In new jersey or florida, as once NEXUS, went public out suppliers will not buy N exus, I share this knodledge with you as every thing cost so much today, most people can,t afford the good stuff,sally,s has a copy of all top line products,find what Is best for your hair. this Is the secret of a good hair ,only you know you hair, whenI do someone,s hair for the first time,I need to feel the hair myself, I then ask the person to tell me about their hair, once I know if the hair Is hard to perm or the set doesn,t hold, I know what to do, I know the right ,things I need to work on this person,s, I always listen to to your problem, this Is the only wayI can help you. hairdresser
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