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The Artist

Discussion in 'The Moving Picture' started by AmateisGal, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. AmateisGal

    AmateisGal I'll Lock Up


    The Artist

    Looks really good! Set in the silent era of Hollywood, and in black and white.
  2. Jean Dujardin sure does have that gene Kelley vibe going on there. Story sort of feels like the behind the scenes of Singing in the Rain.

    This may be a fun one to check out. With all the high budget super action bright colored films out lately, it'll be nice to get back to basics and enjoy a story.


  3. [video=youtube_share;XvifS2QOun4]http://youtu.be/XvifS2QOun4[/video]

    Looks great Love the camera work. They spent alot of time getting all those shots just right.
    Can't wait to see it. Love Silent films The ability to tell a story with images and sound is a lost art.
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  4. AmateisGal

    AmateisGal I'll Lock Up

    Thanks for imbedding the trailer. I couldn't figure it out!
  5. I'll watch anything with Bérénice Bejo. She can do no wrong. :eusa_clap
  6. [​IMG]

    Waiting to see this one. Tap tap tap.:)
  7. thunderw21

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    Looks great!
  8. StraightEight

    StraightEight One of the Regulars

    Saw it last night at the AFI Film Fest Premier. Wow. I mean, Wow. Every once in awhile you have to see a French film to remind you that they invented the art form. A beautiful homage to old Hollywood.
  9. If it does get an Oscar nomination for best picture, it will be the first time since 1928 that a silent film has been in the running for a best picture Academy Award. YES!!! about time too :D;)

    10 November 2011 BBC News
  10. Philip Adams

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  11. 3PcSuit

    3PcSuit One of the Regulars

    Disappointing to see that it is basically a modern movie made without the sound. Shot on high-speed color film, finished digitally like 99% of movies are.

    Sounds like another "Good German" treatment of "black and white" movies. Just suck the color out and it'll look just like the "old times." Why bother with pesky filters, and hard lights, and real B&W.

    Also, since theatres are too cheap, lazy, incompetent to project academy, how do they get 1.37:1 onto the screen? Is it a bastardized scope film or a bastardized flat film?

    I've been in one projection room, even in old classic theatres, that bothered to keep an Academy lens lying around for movies like this; I bet it is designed for modern lenses and a soundtrack and wouldn't play right with this anyway.
  12. PADDY

    PADDY I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Looking forward to seeing it in the UK.
  13. B&W as a medium takes knowledge to light and shoot in order to get the mood right. I seem to recall that Young Frankenstein the lighting was done by the old hands so it really has that old film vibe.

    Still, I am looking forward to seeing this at some point.

  14. [​IMG]

    Ever seen "Treasure Island" (1999)? A B & W film written and directed by Scott King, a wealthy eccentric whose house featured custom-made wallpaper with NRA (National Recovery Administration) logos all over it, and a pneumatic tube system so that he could send documents from the first to the second floor.

    To film "Treasure Island", Scott King purchased rare 1930s cameras, lenses, and other film equipment -- every bit of it original. Here's a photo of Mr. King filming in 1998 ... and yes, those were his everyday clothes:


    And here are several shots from the movie itself, which takes place during WWII:


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  15. The Artist opens nation wide Christmas day.
  16. Mr Vim

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